Can an Indian living in India pursue CRNA course after completing BSN in India?

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    i am a second year nursing student in bangalore, india. i chose nursing because i wanted to study anesthesia post nursing. i love working in critical care, pain management, and anesthesiology and hence am very much interested in pursuing this course. we don't have this for nurses in india.. we only have md, anesthesiology.. i am 31 years old now and i don't wish to put in another 8+ years in pursuing mbbs, md, etc..

    i wish to know how to apply for the same in the us and how many years would it take for me to complete the course. what are the pre-requisites for the same? what's the average yearly fee? will working in or in the preanesthesia team plus pacu help or should i work in the icu after completing bsn? even if i work as an anesthetist for just 5 years, i would be more happy than doing something i don't like for ages. this is my dream job as it has so much of challenges.

    i hope i get right info on how to go about it.

    thanks so much
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    Try this link to start with: Become a CRNA
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    CRNA program requires you to have 1 year post licensure experience in critical care unit.

    You should have a bachelors in nursing to get into the CRNA program.

    It cost about $30,000-$40,000/year for the course. And the course duration is no less than 24 months.

    CRNA is one of the most competitive courses in the nursing field.

    Good luck!
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    Hi Shobhna1981sh,I know this is too late to comment.I was still curious to know whether you progressed with ur plans to become a CRNA
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    kindly give a good reply for a bachelor's degree in nursing graduate with one year intensive care unit can become CRNA ????Kindly give a good guidence as soon as possible
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    Quote from Arjun S
    kindly give a good reply for a bachelor's degree in nursing graduate with one year intensive care unit can become CRNA ????Kindly give a good guidence as soon as possible
    The original poster has not returned in more than 3 years. Most US schools prefer 1-2years intensive care experience in the United States. Having a BSN is a good starting point. Have you reached out to schools that pique your interest to see what the minimum and recommended requirements are? If you are not a US citizen or permanent resident the next query would be regarding whether the school accepts international students requiring F1 visa sponsorship. As its a highly coveted and competitive program many schools do not offer slots in the SRNA program to international candidates. Then check the state BoN for the requirements for licensing by examination as an internationally educated nurse (if you are not already licensed as an RN in the applicable US state).

    If requiring a F1 visa you must show proof of funds for tuition, fees, living expenses and incidentals in US funds for the duration of your stay (approx $40,000-50,000 US per year x 2 years)

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