California RN to New York RN with foreign training!!

  1. I'm a bit complex!!

    I have done my nursing education at a university in Australia. I am now about to sit the NCLEX here in Australia, and all going well and I pass in 4 weeks, I will be registered in the state of California. I now have dediced that I want to work in New York instead. Does anybody know how I can go about getting my reg there? And will I have to go through CGFNS for them considering I didnt' have to for California. Will I have to get my nursing school to forward all my transcripts again? I am an American Citizen on a US passport so no worries there with visas.

    Please any advice would be good! I have gone through already a 2 year process plus lots of $$ and i'm hoping that once im registered in a few weeks in California that it'll be only a bit of paperwork and I can transfer it over to New York!

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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    As someone who trained outside the US then for NY BON you will have to go through CVS with CGFNS so just follow instructions on the CGFNS website, then you send a application form to NY BON and expect the process to take approx 8 months as CVS takes approx 6 months but a lot will depend on how timely CGFNS send for your documents and how timely they are sent back
  4. by   elkpark
    Have you checked the NY BON website? All the info and forms you need for applying for licensure by endorsement should be there. There is usually also an additional section of info specifically for foreign-educated applicants -- you'll want to be sure to look for that.

    Best wishes!