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BSN in the philippines

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    I have a couple of questions. I was curious what the status of a BSN graduate in the Philippines here in the US? Can someone tell me the difference between ASN and BSN besides one is a 4 year degree? Is there a big pay differential?

    The reason why I am asking is because I'm 27 years old and thinking of changing careers to nursing. Thanks.
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    A BSN is a BSN. It doesn't matter where it was attained.
    You will need a BSN, or four year degree in nursing from the Philippines to be able to get a visa to work in the US.

    If you already hold a four year degree in something else, then you go to a second career program, but if not, you will need to do the full four years.
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    Thanks Suzanne. So, if you have a BSN in the Philippines, your room for advancement here in the US is just the same as the RN's with a BSN here in the states? I was told something different. I was told the BSN in the Philippines are just regular RN's here in the states. Even though they both have a 4 year degree, it is still harder for them to advance than a graduate here in the US.