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Hello, I am a future RN from Estonia (I have 2 years of school left). I have started to think about my future. I know i want to get a master degree in some other country and preferably settle in... Read More

  1. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    So maybe south Texas? Who knows, I don't think he's willing to share what area it is that's hiring new nurses.
  2. by   springing
    To the OP: Since you speak French, try Switzerland. Better working environment than France or Belgium. No idea what licensing requirements they have.

    To the derailers: If you're willing to travel anywhere to get that nursing job, why aren't you considering the military?
  3. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    If you're not a permanent resident or US citizen I'm almost positive you're unable to join the mililtary. I think some of them are in the US already on visas but unsure if it's permanent or not. Unsure how it works in other countries.
  4. by   leeland77
    Hello Sandra! I'm a nurse in Texas, in the Southern USA. Unlike many states, Texas' economy is strong right now. I have close ties to many hospitals in the central and southern areas, and all, yes ALL, are hiring, and I know many beginning nurses who haven't had trouble finding jobs there.
    And unlike what some people may think, Texas is not the boondocks. Cities like Austin and Bryan have many hospitals, and are nice, modern cities with amazing costs of living. In the central area of Texas there are many hospitals associated with Scott and White Hospital, a hospital that, as I know, is not afraid to hire and train new nurses. It is a huge, fast growing hospital with a new pediatrics hospital. Best of luck!
  5. by   ZeNursebro
    Texas is booming! In the city I am in, south Texas, some nurse have two full-time jobs in local city hospitals. Granted, the pay is on the low side for starting nurses ($21.00/hr + Sign in Bonus +% pay increase for working nights and weekends); however, no one is having a difficult time trying to find nursing jobs. The demand in Texas is so high that I have seen graduate nurses start in the ER, ICU, and other specialty areas. The only down side is the lack of nurses in Texas has caused hospitals to ignore client safety and increase the nurse-pt ratio. I have seen some people, med/surg nurses, care for 11 pt per shift due to nurse shortage or call-ins.