AZ NCLEX process and IELTS - page 2

good day everyone. i've been trying to help myself in the past couple of months about the AZ NCLEX process. am from southeast asia (Philippines). confused with what to do first, what to pass first to be exact. if anybody knows... Read More

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    oh i see.

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    Filling the AZ BON application, I see that we have to pay 200 $ for application fee, which includes 50$ for finger print, I already have the finger print card done, So do I still have to pay them the 50 $ ?

    Also mode of payment is eithr check or money order.
    I dont have an account with any bank.
    And AZ Bon says "All personal checks must be pre-printed with your name and address and made
    payable to the Arizona State Board of Nursing.
    How am I supposed to do this ?

    Cant I use my hubby s check to pay the fee?
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    Check with the BON but I thought the finger print was for getting them checked not done

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