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applying RN license by endorsement during grace period

  1. 0 Hello, I have a question about applying RN license by endorsement while I am in Grace period of OPT. I have a BSN degree from United states and I have active license in Georgia. Now, I am trying to go to graduate school for Master program.

    I just completed OPT end of May and OPT expired on 6/1/11. Therefore, I am in a valid grace period. Now I am trying to apply several schools in NewYork and California states. So I am going to apply NewYork and Cali RN license by endorsement.

    1. Will NY and Cali Board of Nursing reject my application because I am in grace period of OPT? Is this true? Have you seen any cases in this situations?
    Though I am staying legally in u.s. at this time, there's no legal document to prove this.

    2. Can Non-US citizen apply other state license by endorsement while they are staying in home country??
    I have seen people come to us by nclex exam, but have not heard coming with endorsement (who already have state license) I want to know if I have to physically present in the u.s. to apply endorsement.

    I am afraid they will reject to issue a license because I am in a grace period

    These boards operators don't seem to understand about opt and grace period.

    I really appreciate for answering my questions and your time.
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    You do not have to be present in the US to endorse your license however you do have to meet state requirements which do vary