Applied at Saudi Aramco

  1. Hello everyone. Just wanted to know how much do they offer for a nurse in Aramco and how is it working there. Thanks.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Guessing this is something to do with Saudi Arabia or overseas.

    Moving to the International forum
  4. by   suzanne4
    It is to work on one of the oil rigs in Saudi Arabian waters or in another locale. Be aware that of all of the nurses that I know of that work for them, they are males. Have never seen a female hired for this role by them.

    Best to check on pay directly with the company.
  5. by   scattycarrot
    Saudi Aramco hire female and male nurses to work at their hospital in Dhahran. Your pay will depend on where you come from and the speciality in which you work will also depend on this to some extent. Us nurses have the highest pay scale, then the Brits. Not exactly fair but thats KSA for you. The hospital at Dharan is pretty nice and looks after locals and expats. Its a fairly large hospital and you can search for info on it by googling Aramco Hospital Dhahran and also by looing at the Aramco website. Nurses live on the compound and its huge. To give you some idea, it has a 27 hole golf course in the middle of it! Its pretty safe there and to get onto the compound, there are security checkpoints. Your housing will, again, depend on your pay grade but would probably be an apartment shared with other same sex nurses. You can drive on the compound but not off as a female and you can't drive off with a male who isn't a relative either. Taxis are ok as long as you are in the back seat! THe compound has shops, gyms, restaurants, etc... As for the nursing, I haven't worked there (though I lived on the compund for a while and my Dad was there for 20 years) but know many who have. Its like anywhere, some loved it, some hated it but they all earnt ALOT of money.
  6. by   suzanne4
    Thanks for updating; but again all of the employees that I have known have worked on oil rigs and were required to be males.
  7. by   AfropeanFusion
    i would like 2 apply for a Staff Nurse ICU role at Saudi Aramco...anyone have contacts..I have worked in Saudi before for 7 years...Im from the UK
  8. by   beau23
    Hi, why dont you try to see this site,
    Hope this will help.
  9. by   blabber
    Hi! I used to work in Saudi Aramco. Actually, just resigned there last year. Worked in Dhahran area. If you're in the Philippines, IPAMS is the only accredited agency of Saudi Aramco. No placement fee. Good experience for me in terms of equipments, policies and cases handled. Multi-cultural environment so be prepared to face different cultures more so of the Arab culture.

    As mentioned previously, salary,benefits and accomodation depends on your nationality and pay-grade.

    Hope this helps.