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  1. Hi Everybody,

    I am a non U.S educated nurse. I completed my Nclex-Rn from CA BON recently and now looking for hospitals who hire foreign nurses. My question is, Should i be looking for an opening for New graduate training or to any of their openings? I am confused here because i don't have any experience in U.S and have only an year experience in Mental Health Nursing from my home country.

    Any input and suggestions will be appreciated.
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  3. by   tetitto
    I am going to quote Suzzane Super Moderator
    **Make sure that length of orientation is included, this is extremely important. You should not be expected to be on your own in just a couple of days. Doesn't matter how much experience that you have in your country, things will be different in the US.**
    It is not wrong to aks for a good lenght of orientatio. All we are nurses and even from hospital to hospital the way nursing is approached or done has some variations, so Please read the stiky about " a prime to all thath wish to work int he USA by Suzzane.
    Thanks and good look
  4. by   JJG07
    I appreciate your suggestion on this and it does make sense to me. thanks.