Any recommendations for CRNE prep course in toronto?

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    I was wondering is there any good crne prep courses in toronto i could take in preparation for the october exam?? i heard there is one program that guarentees a pass or your money back but i don't know the name of it. Also any tips on how to study for the crne exam would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    I go to school at UOIT but Im not sure of any prep courses you should move this to the Canandian Nursing section you would get more responses.

    Good Luck
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    Moved to Canada forum.
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    Try Toronto School of Health, the instructor is very good.
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    Quote from T&T08
    Try Toronto School of Health, the instructor is very good.
    Hi my email is Please send me email. I am doing CRNE in oct and I need advices and predictable questions.
    Please help
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    Everyone who writes the CRNE signs a non-disclosure agreement that they will not reveal the contents of the exam to anyone at any time. You will not be given any information on "predictable questions". There is already tons of information on the CRNE here, just have a look around.

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