AHS- 2010

  1. 1 So, new year, same old issues.

    Duckett has done his rounds of "meeting" with the staff. Yup, one hour during the busy part of the day and show your staff ID to get in. Heard it was a bit frosty to say the least.

    Calgary's ortho programme is a mess. The great public/private deal? Well the provider is bankrupt.

    The hiring freeze is still in place. Sheesh, all vacancies are now temporary positions for a year? What are they planning?

    IENs contracts are up in the next two months and many are looking for full time lines, along with local nurses.

    Come on, somebody in the Ivory Tower, tell us grunts on the ground what you are doing??? We KNOW Stevie has a great retirement package and bennies but let's see him actually earn them.
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    It's a fine mess for sure! Have you read DD's latest blog entry? Looks like some kinda back-track is afoot for the "gagging" issue! However, as usual it's a lot of waffle & talk about doing things with no real solutions discussed.

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