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Adaptation course in the Republic of Ireland

  1. 0 Hi everyone

    I recently received a Decision letter from ABA( Nursing Council of Ireland) to complete a period of adaptation before registration. Can anyone assist me secure this as I have failed to do it on my own? I don't mind an employment bond, should there be a willing sponsor.

    Many thanks
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    Your not going to have much luck as many of Ireland's own grads cannot get jobs and EU guidelines on employment state if the job cannot be filled by an Irish resident or an EU resident then and only then can it be filled by another person.
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    Hie Jaymass,am really in the same bought as you.I received my letter back in January and have not found a place for adaptation.All the hospitals on the list except for one do not do the adaptation course.Its really frustrating.Am almost giving up but my whole family moved to Ireland and now am stuck.
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    Ooops,i meant to say boat not bought!My apologies.
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    Thank you K+MgSO4. In other words this is a futile exercise? Gracious God!
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    Primrose, I'm so sorry to hear that, and really disappointed! Any luck with the nursing homes?
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    Jaymass, its been a long struggle because when I apply for jobs they say I need to be registered first but for me to be registered I need to do the adaptation so its kind of confusing. They tell me to apply once I get my pin but how can I get it when I have to do the adaptation first. I have already started my UK registration and received the second pack recently.If I manage to go to the UK will have to leave my husband behind unless he gets a transfer which is unlikely and I cannot sit at home waiting as I think am really going crazy about all this. How about you?Any luck?
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    no luck primrose, am soo frustrated! is it easier in the UK?
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    Ireland is so confusing as affairs stand but am a one who is now trying to transfer to a college to get BN degree in Ireland.
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    I am not sure if this thread is still active.

    It can be quite frustrating to get registration if NMBI decides you need a Period of Adaptation and trying to find a hospital that will take you on is quite challenging.

    If you have a nursing skill that is in high demand then write to the nursing department and seek their help in facilitating a period of adaptation.