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  1. Hey!
    So i will soon be applying to colleges/universities for my nursing. If accepted i will start September 2011. My average right now is 87, but what i'm worried about is my biology mark. Although most of my classes have high marks, the one that really matters is only at a 77, Biology! Do you think this will be a problem? Most colleges require a 81-87 (Humber/Ryerson). And i am in that range, but what they are looking for is Bio, Chem, a Math And English. I have a 85 in the math, so i'm good there but the 77 is worrying me!

    Am i just worrying for no reason?

    Also, if I get accepted to both, where do you reccomend i go?

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  3. by   OttawaRPN
    All of the nursing programs in Ontario are very competitive right now so they are choosing the cream of the crop to fill their seats.

    I know many students who are re-doing their pre-reqs in hopes of raising their GPA.

    So yes.. your 77 may well hurt you.

    You can either apply and take your chances, or while you're waiting retake the courses.
  4. by   Speechless
    When I applied 4 years ago, I had a 60's in calculus (teacher was a nut job, he got "laid off" soon after), but a 90 in Bio, Chem, and English and high 80's for my other Top 6 U/M courses and I got accepted. The cut off mark back then was in the 70's though and I have heard that the cut off grades have gone significantly higher and competition for spots in the nursing programs have increased as well so I'm not sure if my situation gives you any hope or not.

    Being a Ryerson graduate myself, it was OKAY, not the best as everyone says, I could make a huge list of reasons why it wasn't. One example was the lack of health science courses and the over abundance of theory courses that were essential the same concepts from year 1 to year 4, seriously it felt like I was in kindergarten (cut and paste, posters, etc).

    I don't know if you are but apply to other schools for Nursing such as Queens, McMaster, UofT, etc. Personally, I regret going to Ryerson and I should have stayed at UofT and have done their nursing program. One of my professors stated that the pass rate on the 2009 CRNE test takers at Ryerson was around ~40% and while I was taking the UofT CRNE prep course, they had disclosed that 100% of their graduates had passed the CRNE.. Just something to note. I don't know too much about York so I can't say, look up their curriculums and compare and see what school would most likely fit you.