55yo and want to work in Oz

  1. I'm 55 and have lots of nursing experience. I'm a US citizen with current licensure in Ohio, and also registered and have a current practicing certificate in New Zealand, where I am presently working. I have permanent resident status in New Zealand as well. I would like to move to Australia with my partner, most likely after the first of the new year, and work there. Does anyone know any Australian nursing agencies that know how to help me become able to work as a nurse in Australia in a more timely manner than doing it on my own? With my age being well over the upper limit for immigrating as a skilled migrant, getting a temporary visa and applying for nursing registration seems like it will take a very long time, as I would have to sponsored by my partner just to get the temporary visa (3-12 months for that to be accomplished, so I'm told by Australian immigration!)

    Has anyone as ancient as myself gone from NZ to OZ to work?
    Thanks for all responses, unless you are bagging me for being old.

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  3. by   talaxandra
    That's annoying: I posted a response to this last night.

    Have you looked at NZ citizenship? It would give you reciprocity, making migrating to Aus a mere formality, and your age wouldn't be a factor. I'm certainly no expert (or even amateur) but suspect that NZ residency doesn't give you anything like these rights.
  4. by   carolmaccas66
    if u have tons of experience, you won't have problems getting a job. my other friend is older; she won't tell me her age but she must be about 55 or 60 and she gets heaps of jobs. no nurse agencies here have ever asked me my age; all they care about is can u legally work here & have u got experience and/or ed/er, critical care experience.
    try these main big agencies for a start:

    nursing agencies, australia
    hendercare - http://www.hendercare.com.au/
    mediserve – http://mediserve.com.au/
    drake, australia - http://www.drakeintl.com/au/home.aspx
    ramsay health care – http://www.ramsayhealth.com.au/default.aspx. they operate many hospitals all around australia, employment info is on their website.
    st john of god (for perth, wa) - http://www.sjog.org.au/. sjog also has hospitals in other states and territories as well.
    ** ** ** ** ** **
    hmns (health management - www.hmns.net.au/[color=#0e774a] (for south australia and country regions). now called yna, your nursing agency.
    nursewest (control all the public hospitals and recruitment through nursing agencies for all of western australia) - www.nursing.health.wa.gov.au/nursewest/index.cfm
    [color=#0e774a]nasa, nursing agency of south australia - http://nasansb.com.au/[color=#0e774a]. on this site, there is a site for international nurses to visit. also down the bottom, it lists all the other main nursing agencies for other states and territories. you can click on them for more info.
    what state are you going to do you know yet? here are some accommodation websites (cos that's usually the next question):
    www.realestate.com.au, www.gumtree.com.au

    let us know how u get on. and when u come here it's going to be very hot so be prepared - get the sunblock out, hee hee!
  5. by   uswoman
    talaxandra: I have only lived in New Zealand for 3 years and the minimum is five to start the citizenship process, so can't go that route.

    carolmacca66: thanks for that information. Wow! Great places to start. I have been told by a collegue that she has several nurse-friends who go to Australia to work short term and are over 50. Another collegue also told me that the longer the contract, the better the deal. I haven't been to Australia but I do know it's hot there!

  6. by   carolmaccas66
    Yeah no worries. I've never been asked my age for nursing jobs, just as long as u have experience & are fit enough for the duties.
    We have registration now u can use in any state & territory of Australia. The
    website for AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency) is:
    www.ahpra.gov.au It has all the info u need to find out re registration for overseas nurses.
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