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    has anyone used the new sherlock picc locating device. we just got it at our hospital..having a love / hate relationship with it..just looking for any suggestions on it!!

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    We don't have it yet but we've put in a purchase package for a new SiteRite and the sherlokc is part of it. I would love to hear feedback from anyone who's used it as it'll be a first for us.
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    I went and trained at a university hospital and used it for 12 PICC placements. I really liked it and the nurses there really liked it. It sometimes does get some interference but in general it worked very well. you really tell when it went up to the jugular. We used the battery pack one that was not connected to the US machine but it was fine. I guess it is even better when you get the sonisite it can be attached to. Does anyone know how much the battery pack one costs?
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    Yes have used them both and much prefer Sherlock 2. It is so much easier to see the screen and the tip is highlighted with what we call jokingly call the lollipop. You need to read the manufacturers guidelines so you are aware of the problem of parallax. Could you tell me what kind of problems you are having ?......most can be solved....b/c the benefit of being able to make corrections at the bedside in real time is great!!!!! We have found you need to wait to calibrate until after you have used the dilator and removed the wire b/c you can get interference and you MUST advance your catheter slowly (1 cm per sec) or the screen image of the sylet whips around on the screen,,,,,go nice and slow and it works perfectly. Once you learn what perfect looks like you can easily detect malpositions and correct them.
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    Good info. Thanks for the response. Do you know about how much they cost. We were planning to get one but now with the economy falling apart we are not so sure.
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    The Sherlock was really cheap......the price can vary .....if your hospital buys a lot of BARD products they give you a better price. i think ours was $2500.00 or pays for itself in a few extra chest radiographs and a few re-positions or PICC re-dos. The Sherlock loaded PICC kits cost a bit more based upon the actual product...that varies too but the range is 35-60 dollars extra per kit. Again you have to look at all the cost saving achieved by being able to correct malpositions in real time at the bedside,not to mention all the benefits to the patient.
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    That sounds not too bad. I think it would pay for itself. We do order bard and I think we have been thinking of getting the basic kit with microintroducer and then put our own extra stuff in a kit to go with it. I cant wait to start putting them in. We are getting all our supplies and will take over doing PICC's in our out pt treatment center.
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    Make sure and metal including patient jewlery is our of the way or you wll get interference. Siderails may need to be down and IV pumps need to be 3 feet away...also discovered that an underwire bra will cause interference as well...had this happen well as an I-pod headset. Also the nurses rings and watches can also be problematic. It is really easy to control if you just check everthing before you start.
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    Bard will be coming out with an EKG guided tip locating system by the end of the year. You may want to wait until that happens because it will be integrated with the Sherlock. Ultimately, in the near future, I think the need for x-rays will be eliminated. Aside from that, I love my Sherlock. I find that when there is a problem it is usu the Sherlock telling you what is really going on. You need to trust it.
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    JAVA had an article last week about ekg assisted PICC was good.....i agree cxrs will be a thing of the past when these systems are used

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