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I guess I have really only seen port-a-cath's placed on the chest, not accessed. I was precepting another nurse the other day and we had a patient that had a port-a-cath already accessed with a huber needle in place (I have never... Read More

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    Anytime there are new procedures in a facility, I FEEL that all nurses should get a practical on hands inservice by a seasoned Infection Control nurse on this topic who performs this procedure often. However, this isnt the case in the real world......usually a patient comes in and whammmo everyone gets a crash course.!!!! Or you learn from the previous shift nurse how she does it.... then you are a wreck questioning your own practice, having overwhelming anxiety on if you are doing the correct thing. I found this irritating and very stressful. ALWAYS review your facilities policies....and if they dont satisfy you, you should go to the DON or Nurse manager and request proper protocol to be done.

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