PICC Line Certification Course Info Needed

  1. 0 I am trying to locate a PICC Line Cert program. I live in Ohio and there are no programs in the entire state. I'm willing to travel but would like to get started in the Spring. Any ideas?
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    Contact Bard Access and see if they can give you the location of their next class. In a pinch we have allowed some of our new staff to take their on-line didactic b/c we were then going to train them ourselves. If you will not be mentored by an experienced PICC nurse I would not advise the on-line course. You have to call Bard for them secret code in order to access the class. I have seen it and it is excellent. I will look for more classes for you.
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    I will call BARD asap. I am really looking forward to the opportunity to learn this skill. I was really surprised that neither of the big name hospitals in my city, Cleveland Clinic & University Hospitals at Case Medical Center (and state for that matter), didn't offer this education since they are both teaching facilities. My current employer likes to hire PICC nurses (we only have one and she's PRN) and are trying to avoid calling in Agency to do PICCS but they are not prepared to offer the education. It's a new LTAC to the Ohio area. If I have to take the class out of state, will that affect my ability to practice here in Cleveland? Any suggestions on what I should brush up on to prepare for the class? Thank you so much for your time and help. I appreciate it..
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    Do you know how to get a hold of BARD? Since all states now allow RNs to place PICCS you should have no restrictions on your ability to place PICCS as long as you have taken the class and of course feel comfortable inserting them. After that you can take an advanced PICC class,hopefully learnibg how to use a bedside Ultrasound. The best thing you can do to prepare is to read an IV therapy book cover to cover...if the thought of placing PICCs is exicting to you than this will be too. Order IV therapy principles and practices by Sharon Weinstein...make sure you get the most current edition. Are you using Bard PICC products...let me know...if problems getting the code ..let me know ......b/c I canshare if needed. Also check your state board of nursing web site......i believe they have a statement about what they require you to have and also to have on file at tyour employer...follow all their rules...so you will be protected....let me know If I can help you...I have been placing PICCs since 1989 and have trained many...written all our policies etc....luv it when nurses like vascular access.
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    Quote from MWilliamsRN
    I am trying to locate a PICC Line Cert program. I live in Ohio and there are no programs in the entire state. I'm willing to travel but would like to get started in the Spring. Any ideas?

    I have been doing piccs 2 years and I took an online course thru
    Bard and it was wonderful. You print off a copy at the end to show you
    pass the test. It cost 50 dollars but is well worth the time. You will
    have to call a Bard representative to get the password because it changes
    every month. Let me know if I can help in any way.

    See ya----Penny
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    Hi Penny,

    Thanks for the info. I put a call into BARD on Friday and I hope to hear from them tomorrow. If I dont, I will call them again. I really appreciate the support that I have gotten from the great nurses who are on this site. I will let you know what I find out tomorrow. Thanks again.

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    I called BARD on Friday, hope to hear back from them tomorrow. Will read up on the info you suggested. Thanks!
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    No call back from BARD. Did find out that since my hospital used an outside company to place PICC's we probably don't have a Rep that can give me the number. Called BARD again and left message. I Just want to get started..I'm no spring chicken :-). The frustrating part is knowing where you want to take your career but not knowing how to get there. Any assistance on this path of enlightenment is greatly appreciated! Mo
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    I will call our rep on wednesday and see about the code for you...too late to do it today and I am out in the field tomorrow with my home infusion job
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    Thanks, I'm going to keep trying on my end. I appreciate you.
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    You may want to try a private course, such as through PICC Excellence Inc
    or Lynn Hadaway Associates Inc.
    There are others as well.
    Try looking for links on the AVA or INS sites.
    Good luck
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    Our Bard rep is at a funeral today so be patient and I will try again early next week to get a hold of her
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    Thanks, I finally got a hold to education person at BARD after leaving several messages that were not returned. The experience was pleasant. She tried to tell me that there was no PICC Certification class even though I was on the site reading about it.... as I talked to her. I'll wait to hear from you. Thanks for your help.

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