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IV site dressing - page 2

Hello, all - I need advice from some IV gurus out there. I was trained that all IV sticks should be dressed with a sterile dressing - with Tegaderm/Opsite being preferred because the site could be... Read More

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    Tegaderm also provides visabilty

    And reinforce with tape.
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    Veegee, this is a very old thread, but I do hope you get this reply to your question about the best way to remove a tegaderm without causing a skin tear in elderly patients.

    The best way to do this is to pull the dressing laterally first, which causes it to release, then just pull it off. When you pull it to the side, it will unstick slowly, but it will come loose without damage.

    Good luck!
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    NO way to just tape!! We put tegaderms and have IV start kits and we use statlocks as well. I still see nurses putting just tape and I always change that dressing. If I were a patient I wouldnt want just a piece of tape on me.