Do you like your IV Pump?

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    We are looking into a new IV pump/pump system for acute adult, adult ICU, OR, Peds, PICU and NICU at our hospital. Is anybody happy with their large volume infusion pump or pump system that is used in a variety of patient populations? I have reviewed the ECRI material on pump comparisons, but would like some real-life input.

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    We use Alaris pumps and I really like them. I work in an infusion center that gives a wide range of meds including chemo, blood products, fluids, antibiotics, and more. I like how programmable they are.
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    Thanks, Amyrae! Just the kind of input I'm looking for!
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    I hate Alaris. The med library and programmability are good features.
    The actual mechanics of the set-up are bad,however. We have innumerable problems with air alarms--the design of the tubing is such that it is impossible to eliminate some of the little air bubbles and the pump will alarm for the minutest little bubble. More than once I have had to just pitch the whole tubing set and start over. It should not take 10 to 20 minutes to get an infusion running properly,especially in an ICU.
    Furthermore,the piggyback sets are sometimes unreliable and will not infuse at the rate you think you have them set at.
    Finally,I have had more than a few Alaris 'brains' whose buttons go bad--that is,I will hit a button once but it registers as two pushes. So "100" can turn into "1000". GRRRRR
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    We use alaris and I like them. Occasionally, you get a channel that's alarming constantly for air in line, but if you replace the channel, works like a charm. Recently we also started using the syringe channels in pedi. I really like them.

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