Physical Therapy Moist Heat Packs-Help

  1. Our physical therapy department uses the moist heat packs that are placed in a cover and then applied to the patient. I recently came into this position and inherited this issue that has evidently been discussed before. Evidently the covers were not being washed and were used on several patients. This brought up issues and several things were looked into like obtaining more covers, how to clean the covers and disposable covers. Meanwhile they have been putting the heat pack in the cover and then covering it with a towel or pillowcase. This issue has been brought to me and the question is if it is okay to use the towel or pillowcase in between the covers and the patients. I have been unable to find any documentation related to this topic. The covers are damp since there is not time for drying in between uses. Because of this the towels or pillowcases become moist also. I need to give my input on the Infection Control standpoint to determine what the next steps are. If anyone has had any issues with this or has any info on the matter it would be greatly appreciated.
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