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MRSA Question - page 2

I had a nurse tell me that all healthcare workers are probably colonized with MRSA in their noses, just not enough to make us sick. Is this true? If I get immunocompromised one day, can I get deathly... Read More

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    My favorite is when I've been caring for a new admit for 3 days, come back on the fourth to find them on isolation for MRSA.

    "Oh yeah, the wife/husband/significant other told us today they were in the other hospital last week/month/year for MRSA. The cultures came back positive."

    :-\ Lovely.
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    yeah that is definately need to know information! preferably as soon as possible. but usually the info comes a day late and a dollar short!
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    My husband has MRSA (we don't know yet if it is active) and everytime he goes to his Dr's I have to remind them that he has been positive in the past. This is all in the same hospital system too. VERY scary.