California Flu

  1. Brief news story on something they are calling California Flu last evening. Said outbreaks in California, Texas and Kansas. Did not give info on whether this strain is included in flu shots and if it is A or B. Would be interested in hearing these things if anyone knows.
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  3. by   pinefarmgirl
    i knew there were some nasty new ones going around, because two weeks ago my 15 year old became sick, 2 days later in er with 105 temp that tylenol couldn't touch and petechiae all over... he was admitted for 2 days, but is fine now. "just" the flu. i wish they could tell me which one- but i'm thinking i must have already had this one, because i did not get sick, even tho i can't get the kid to stop drinking out of cartons in the fridge when i'm not looking...

    anyway, i found this on a/california/7/04 (california flu) also called h3n2:

    the cdc has a site for flu updates, but only showed a sharp increase in this strain this week, no real details. i wish they would post the s/sx, so those of us who do not work in the lab could get some idea of what we are looking at...
    as the name above shows, this is type a.
  4. by   tencat
    I think (correct me if I'm wrong, please) that the California Flu is part of this year's flu shot.