ISU LPN-BSN Spring 2016 - page 4

0I'm currently waiting on a admission decision for nursing lpn-BSN spring 2016 term at ISU. If there is anyone who also will be attending this program for the spring term please contact me as I would... Read More

  1. by   Sharla30
    How are things going with the program?
  2. by   LPNDebbie
    I just sent my transcripts to ISU after dropping out of Excelsior. Is it possible that I may have to take some pre-req's at a local college if needed prior to starting classes at ISU if accepted?
  3. by   Camaro2016
    Hi Nurses I am a current student to ISU getting ready to take the entrance exam for Fall 2018 admissions. Anyone here graduated yet or at the end of the LPN-BSN program yet? What can you tell me that would help me through the rest of this journey?
  4. by   PHLpnpHopefully
    I would suggest looking at the clinical descriptions attachment that is posted on ISU's site and line up your preceptors now. I almost had to sit out a semester because I couldn't find a site. Other than that, go out and be social now while you can! It is hard work, but completely worth it.

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