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Hi Denroc72 , I am interested in ISU LPN to BSN program and would like information from a student perspective I would like to start phase 2 in January 2014. I noticed you just completed it based... Read More

  1. by   Jpeery
    It is listed on the VA Board if Nursing as an accepted accredited school. What region of VA are you in? I live in VA as well and I have concerns about finding clinical sites as I live in rural western VA..
    I too live in VA. VA BON recognizes the ISU LPN-BSN program. I am in the process of completing the prereqs (phase I of the program) to start with phase II. I plan to CLEP, DSST, Excelsior, or whatever online course I can take to earn these credits. I work fulltime and am a mom of 3, so its difficult to attend school the old fashioned way. I'd love to get some study buddies if possible Does anyone know if Edukan courses are accepted by ISU? Been trying to research this info.
  3. by   LvANrse80
    Hi, everyone. @Fancy I would love a study buddy to connect with for the LPN to BSN program @ ISU. I'm in Wisconsin and I've been a LPN for 5 Years graduated in 09' . I need to update my Bio. I've been Researching ISU vs Excelsior. I think I'm 100 % ISU. If anyone else would like a study buddy for ISU please contact me. I'm pretty sure I'll have to do some PreReq's Not all. I plan to Clep many as I can. They're exams are cheap $80.00. I do not plan on using TCN. I've ordered Clep books for some of the PreReq's I think I may need from Amazon, for cheap. I'm also working almost full time 8 Days a pay period. And have plans to move to Texas in the next 2 years. Any advice greatly appreciated in advance. I will respond to all messages or posts. Thank you all.