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  1. by   Theone40
    Hi Shannen did it say when they will start ?
  2. by   Theone40
    I called the CABRN and the person I spoke with said she had not heard anything about ISU starting again in CA . She transferred me over to a sup to leave a msg to call back with a definite yes or no.. I'm curious if anyone has actually received info from the board or ISU that the program is actually going to start ?
  3. by   Theone40
    Here is some info I received today . I was excited to hear that ISU might be starting up again in California. They are only doing clinical for those already in the program to finish up the last batch that were admitted.

    At this time, the University is temporarily not admitting new California students to Indiana State University and to the LPN-BS Track.
    • University admission, completion of nursing challenge exams, nursing program admission and clinical course registration will resume upon the addition of contracted federal facilities within your geographic area. Notification will be made to students once these processes have resumed.
    • A solution is available for completing the clinical portion of the program in California.
    • The California BRN has confirmed that clinicals for this program may be completed at federal facilities.
    • Federal facilities consist of VA hospitals, military bases, Indian reservations and low security federal penitentiaries.
    • Clinical availability in the student's area will be dependent on the execution of clinical contracts between ISU and individual federal facilities. ISU and the College Network are in communication with federal facilities throughout the state. Students should NOT attempt to contact federal facilities in their area about completing clinical hours.
    • Students are required to have a valid social security number in order to participate in clinical rotations at a federal facility.

    Please let me know if I misunderstood the email

  4. by   shannen396
    Here is letter I received from The College Network:

    "We have some good news to share with you about the Indiana State University (ISU) LVN to BS in Nursing degree program in California.

    The California Board of Registered Nursing has concurred with ISU that clinical components of this program may be conducted in federal facilities and ISU has already contracted with its first federal facilities. ISU and The College Network will continue to secure agreements with other federal facilities throughout the state that will meet the needs of all students in the program.

    Admissions have resumed for students in the Los Angeles area currently admitted into the University, but not yet admitted into the nursing program at the College of Nursing, Health, and Human Services (CONHHS). General admission into ISU will resume shortly for those in the Los Angeles area who need to complete their Phase II Nursing Transition examinations. We will notify you as soon as ISU begins accepting new applicants in other areas of California.

    If you are not ready for admission into the ISU Nursing program or not ready to move into the Phase II Nursing Transition examinations, please continue to study and prepare to test out of any degree-required general education courses that are part of your degree program to ensure you are ready to move forward when admissions begin to be accepted in your area.

    Please do not attempt to contact federal facilities in your area about completing clinical hours. You can be assured that ISU and The College Network are in communication with federal facilities throughout the state. Individual clinical placements will be determined by ISU's California Clinical Coordinator when you are registered in a core nursing course that includes concurrent clinical education.

    The College Network's Academic Support department will continue to assist you with your studies and support you in the pursuit of your degree. You may contact them at 1-888-672-2963.

    Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.


    Academic Support Department
    The College Network, Inc."

    Typing it up made me realize I read it wrong the first time! So even if I was "ready" to enter Phase II they aren't admitting new students... SO over all this!!!

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  5. by   moorebluejacket
    The wording of the emil and letter is MISLEADING. ISU has NO APPROVED NURSING SCHOOL IN CALIFORNIA. The truth is this: ISU has now slipped into the category that only Excelsior occupied. Any California student who attends the ISU LPN--to-BSN program and graduates, is considered out of state nurses. These graduates will have to prove to California BRN that they had appropriate education to be eligible for a California license--just like any out of state student who wishes to be licensed in California.

    DO NOT BE MISLED. The CABRN has made NO comments about ISU's nursing school because it is an out of state university and not within the jurisdiction of the California Board or its rules. It does not matter whether the clinicals were done in a federal facility or not.
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  6. by   Theone40
    Sounds like you would graduate ISU and either submit your credentials to CABON to sit on the NCLEX or take the NCLEX out of state and then apply for reciprocity in CA ??
  7. by   ssalulu
    Don't know what California has to do with the federal facilities anyway. The state doesn't have jurisdiction over the federal.
  8. by   moorebluejacket
    Quote from ssalulu
    Don't know what California has to do with the federal facilities anyway. The state doesn't have jurisdiction over the federal.
    The actual issue is this: within Calif, no student nurse can work on the floor or work with patients unless they receive a waiver that is only provided in the Calif Nurse Practice Act and the Calif Business and Professional Code. The waiver allows students enrolled in a Calif authorized nursing school to work under a preceptor in a clinical setting.

    The original 2007 to 2012 ISU California only LVN to BSN distant learning nursing school was deemed illegal and stripped of its CABRN authorization, those students who did clinicals within Calif did not receive the waiver and were practicing nursing without a license. If ISU links up with Calif VA facilities so the Calif students can do their clinicals within Calif, the rules/laws that cover nurses in California are not applicable to those Calif students.

    Once the student graduates and wishes to take the NCLEX the distant learning California student considered an Indiana student and Indiana laws cover them. If the student passes the NCLEX and wishes to take their NCLEX in California or work in Calif, the graduate is considered an out of state nurse and must apply to the CABRN and their transcripts will be evaluated. There is no guarantee that thses students will be accepted in Calif. What bothers me is there is no Calif BRN to monitor the ISU program now. Given the issues that caused the CABRN to retroatively remove the approved status of ISU, who will be the watchdog now. Lack of CABRN oversight over ISU's nursing school may become a severe problem to the Calif students and Calif taxpayers.
  9. by   Unicbabe
    Please anyone taking the 4 module exams for ISU admission this june, let me know pls.
  10. by   Theone40
    Does anybody have any new info about the CA program ?
  11. by   Centeno
    Is there any chance of this program coming back?
  12. by   BSNstudent2013Font
    Clinical is done through VA hospital. Read up on VA hospitals.You guys are better asking the school directly instead of this forum because half of the information on here are false.And,no i do not work for ISU!
  13. by   Theone40
    I was curious to see if anything had changed with ISU program in California, so I called the college network and the rep informed me that in northern Cal. they have started the program again and will shortly start in So Cal. Can anyone confirm or has other info ?