ISU advising potential students to buy TCN study guides

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    a potential student received info about phase ii--the isu challenge exam. note the info i have highlighted in red. isu is now advising potential students to buy tcn study guides. the study guides are nothing new and the same info is contained in the nursing textbooks for the subject of the challenge test as well as comprehensive study guides for the subject. even if you bought the newest nursing books and comprehensive study guides from amazon, you would pay less than $150 total. the tcn study guides offer the same info, and isu is advising students to buy the guides at a cost of $525+ each.

    personally, i did buy both tcn study guides, and the amazon's nursing textbooks, comrehensive study guides. after i passed each exam the first time, i compared the info in the books and the study guides. i found that many of the test questions were never discussed in the tcn study guides.
    the info, fortunately for me, was in the other books i bought . i speak from experience--do not waste your money buying the tcn study guides. i am at a loss why isu would advise its potential students to waste $2000+ buying the tcn study guides. based on the statement below, i do not believe isu is acting in its potential student's best interest. buyer beware................

    phase ii: admission applications and nursing challenge exams (csms)
    step 1: apply for and be granted admission to indiana state university: [color=#234786]
    step 2: contact the college network academic support department at 800-634-1443 or by e-mail at [color=#234786] to order the nursing challenge exams/customized study module (csm), if you have not already done so.
    step 3: complete the four nursing challenge/csms examinations for n106, n224, n328, and n330: [color=#234786]
    step 4: take the test of essential academic skills (teas) exam: [color=#234786]
    step 5: apply for admission to the college of nursing, health, and human services: [color=#234786]
    step 6: start looking for a registered nurse who is willing to serve as a preceptor for n304, your first clinical nursing course (you do not need a clinical site for this course). you should also start planning where you would like to complete the clinical components of the remaining clinical nursing courses, three (3) to six (6) months prior to the start of the clinical course. clinicals will be completed in the state where you reside, under the supervision of a preceptor at a local facility.
    step 7: complete remaining general education and prerequisite courses (if applicable).

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    There is nothing new about this. They have always shoved TCN down the throats of potential students. This is why many people will have nothing to do with ISU.
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    How would I go about speaking to you more at length about this? LPN of 25 yrs, just applied to ISU and need more info...thanks
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    (My last post was for LadyinScrubs..)


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    Quote from caliotter3
    there is nothing new about this. they have always shoved tcn down the throats of potential students. this is why many people will have nothing to do with isu.
    actually, this is new information. this is the first time isu put in writing that students are to contact tcn to buy the study guides. before this letter, isu publically posted an advisory that potential students did not need to buy the tcn study guides. now this letter is sent to potential students. this trend is disturbing.

    the school is pushing the potential student towards a bookseller who charges $2100+ for the 4 study guides when any good nursing book for the subject and a comprehensive nclex test guide, that has many questions and rationales, would work just as well or better.

    i can understand a professor insisting on a book for a class. the challenge exams are not class related. the exams are testing students on their knowledge of the subject--which can be obtained from various books or comrehensive nclex review books.

    the letter sent to the potential student is very disturbing. i wonder if some nursing dept administrator has a financial interest in tcn. i can think of no other explanation for guiding potential students to a bookseller who charges thousands of dollars for 4 studyguides. heck, they are not text books--just study guides . amazing.
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    Quote from mtn top
    how would i go about speaking to you more at length about this? lpn of 25 yrs, just applied to isu and need more info...thanks
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    good for you for taking the next step. you have questions? many of us are enrolled in the isu program. what info do you need?
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    Can I call you to talk? I have lots of questions...

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    It was years ago that I was told this by ISU. Thus my valid statement. Along with similar statements by others I have read on this site

    Added: BTW, this was in response to my call to ISU with all of my questions about their program.
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    Quote from caliotter3
    it was years ago that i was told this by isu. thus my valid statement. along with similar statements by others i have read on this site

    added: btw, this was in response to my call to isu with all of my questions about their program.
    when you received the information letter from isu, what specifically did it say?
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    Any chance I can email you?

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