For all who are in the ISU lpn-bsn....

  1. Hi all,
    To all those who are in this program, do you have to take a difficult math class as part of the curriculum? I SUCK at math and am terrified of this. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   NurseK1m
    Dear mdmillar80
    You need to have a statistics of some sort as a pre-req.
    Check out their website under LPN-BSN distance and there is a whole bunch of info there.
  4. by   mitczak
    Quote from NurseK1m
    Dear mdmillar80
    You need to have a statistics of some sort as a pre-req.
    Check out their website under LPN-BSN distance and there is a whole bunch of info there.
    Most accurate information is on the web at and linked from Indiana State University : Department of Baccalaureate Nursing Completion : LPN-BS
  5. by   puppskmm
    Too get an accurate idea of the type of program the LPN to BSN program is and the type of administration the nursing department has, go to the California Board of Registered Nursing website and bring up Board meetings. There is a meetings tab and in that tap there was a September 27, 2012 San Diego California Board meeting.

    There you will find information submitted by the ISU nursing administration to the CA BRN and evetually there will be notes and a video tape of the actual Board meeting. The item is agenda item 9.4 You will see the ISU nursing administration and administrators trying to answer CA BRN Board questions. You will also see that many questions asked of ISU by the Board are now answered. There were some very serious issues uncovered by the CA BRN investigation into the LVN to BSN program. The most glaring issue was uncovered during the investigation; the ISU nursing department administration lied to the the CA BRN investigators.

    When considering any nursing program, pay particular attention to the ethics of the nursing program. If the program you are considering lies to the Board of Nursing, this would be a good indication to consider another nursing school.
  6. by   paris13
    Thank you so much for your post! I agree, if not attending at least reading through the Meeting notes of the Board can save you from wasting A LOT of time and money applying for, completing prereqs, waiting to be accepted to a program that does not reveal to potential students what problems it is having, locations of their clinical sites, availability of the spaces to do clinicals. All those questions need to be asked prior to even considering any school. And if the answers are not clear, look for another school.
  7. by   knoxdoor
    Paris, I agree with you. I am one of a group of students who filed the 2nd complaint that caused the CA BRN investigate this poorly run nuring program. Sad that it is the only distant learning program in California offered to LVNs. I wonder if there was good nursing administration how many more students could have graduated and become RNs.

    I felt that going to the Board meeting was very important. I found out more about nursing schools in California than I would have ever been able to find out just going to a nursing school's website. I agree with you, and my experience with ISU, shows that when a nursing program is not honest with its students, does not provide specific information about issues within the program or what clinical sites the CA BRN has authorized the school to use, I would look to another school. I am looking for another nursing school.

    When I attend the Board's mtg on the 27th, I realized that the only reason I was in the program was because of the information ISU gave me. I was shocked to hear that the Board's representative told the Board that during the investigation ISU had lied to the investigators. I don't know how many other people heard this, but this was the first thing I knew of it. Nice thing is that the Board meeting was video taped.
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