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  1. Hey, all! I hope everyone is doing well as our semesters are coming to and end. I'm going to be taking the version v teas test over xmas break and was looking for any advice/tips people have to do well. I'm mostly worried about the science portion. I heard this version has no geology questions, was that your experience? Also, if you can include how you studied and what you would have done different/more of. Thanks so much in advance!
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  3. by   4evalearnin
    Hey mygirlskk,
    I hope that you had a great semester. I recently took the TEAS V and after reading other posts I was more than a little apprehensive before I took it. Your best tool in doing well on the TEAS is preparation! I ordered the ATI TEAS manual and the McGraw Hill Nursing Entrance Exam book. In hindsight I should have ordered the online tests/ book bundle that they offer from the ATI website. I read over the material then tested and timed myself according to time limits that would be on the actual exam. Afterward I would focus on what I got wrong and then study that section.
    On the actual exam there are no breaks between sections, after you finish one section then it goes right into the next one. Also they give you the option to "flag" question so that If you have time at the end you can go back to question that you flagged.
    I hope that gives you some understanding. If you have ANy other questionS lemme know. And oh yeah no geology THANK GOD.
  4. by   gina7282
    Hello 4evalearnin, hope you passed you TEAS V, can you please advise on what I should be studying for the science part, I bought the ATI Study Manual(TEAS Version V) do you think that with this book is enough to cover what is on the test?, and does this book really prepare you for the TEAS V? I am really sorry to ask you so many questions, but I take my test in the begining of February and I really need to pass this test. Can you please give me some advise on what to study, the thing is that I have not been in school for a long time, and in the science and math part I'm lost. PLZ PLZ PLZ help me.
  5. by   4evalearnin
    Hey gina7282 no problem I wanted as much information as I could get for when I took the TEAS V this past fall. Yes I found the TEAS manual, the McGraw, and prior A&P knowledge to be extremely helpful in my preparation for the TEAS science and math sections. Yes they did give me an off the wall question about biology and that I did not know but I must at 95% of the questions could be answered by reviewing each book.
    What I like to stress is using the real timed conditions when practicing which prepares you for the time constraints you will encounter. I have heard stories from classmates that they ran out of time and this obviously negatively affected their score. I believe because of this (and obviously because I studied) I was able to have time in each section to cover all the problems and even time to spare in one section. I was able to score at least 10 points in each area over what the school that I am applying for asked for.
    Hope this helps. Let me know if you require any further information and good luck!
  6. by   NAM123

    help please 4evalearnin

    how detail do i need to go with physics? do they provide us with equations? what equations should i memorize?

    thank you so much!!!
  7. by   4evalearnin
    I had absolutely no physics of any kind on the exam nor were there any formulas that I had to memorize. You can pretty much ignore the physics that is found in the McGraw book. I used the McGraw to reinforce the topics covered in the ATI Manual. For instance the math in McGraw is harder than on the actual test but once I saw that I mastered their math exams I knew I was okay for the TEAS. Sorry for the late reply hope this helps
  8. by   gina7282
    Thank you so much,was the math hard, as im not good in math at all, im sorry for asking so many questions but im really nervous about this TEAS V . Also how was the English section, do you think I should buy the mcgraw book, cs I have the Ati study manual, and not sure if that one is going to help me prepare myself. Please advise
  9. by   kt2011
    your messages are very helpful. I'am also preparing for TEAS V - i was wondering if this is the book u r talking about : 'McGraw Hill Nursing school entrance exam'? it says it has 8 practice tests! thanx
  10. by   my2girlskk
    I used the ati teas v study guide. It has 2 practice tests. Some people also purchased 2 additional tests online. In my opinion, the book was worth it! Good luck.
  11. by   sl87
    Does anyone have the teas v study guide..I need it please..I have my exam on May 6th and will appreciate if someone sells/donates one to me...pretty please...Thank you!
  12. by   jinglebellrocks25
    does the computerized teas v give you results right away?
  13. by   LyLy102
    Hi Nurses! I'm prepping to take my Teas in 3 days. I am studying for the science part and I'm freaking out because it is a lot of information to know. Could you please let me know what topics did they cover on the Teas exam? I am taking the version 5 Teas.. Please let me know..thank you!
  14. by   wannabanrnin2012
    Just going off the test that I took back in February...

    Know your chemistry, know what the equation is for the photosynthetic process (yeah, that was one of the random questions that got stuck in mine lol), review your anatomy and physiology, and also know how to read an mRNA codon chart.

    There are obviously going to be more things that you'll be tested over than just that stuff on the science section, but those are what I can remember standing out the most to me when I took it.