Question regarding Ivy Tech Nursing program - page 2

Hello all, I am currently in my second semester of "Pre-Nursing" at Ivy Tech Community College in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. So far I am really enjoying being a student at ITCC. I have heard through... Read More

  1. by   Jillianelise92

    Your post literally scared me to death because I just accepted a spot in Richmond for the RN program starting next Fall. Do you happen to know if it is still the same? Or any suggestions/the low down on the better instructors. Any information is greatly appreciated.

  2. by   RNinIN
    Jillianelise92, don't be afraid. Study hard, ask questions, and keep an open mind with learning. Ivy Tech has a strong program. You'll have no regrets!
  3. by   crichardson4
    Anyone have any info on the LPN to RN program or just the ASN program at Kokomo?