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Hello all, I am currently in my second semester of "Pre-Nursing" at Ivy Tech Community College in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. So far I am really enjoying being a student at ITCC. I have heard through... Read More

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    I just got accepted into the program at Lawrenceburg, Indiana. I had all A's in my prerequisites and an 83 on the TEAS V which I opted to only take once. Total combined score was 173. I was number 4 out of 19 people accepted at the Lawrenceburg campus out of 30 applicants. Those are some statistics for you. The Lawrenceburg campus is only hard to get into due to the small number of students accepted (19) as opposed to the Madison campus which accepted 70. As for Ivy Tech's reputation as a nursing school, all you need to do is converse with those out in the field to learn that ASN's from Ivy Tech are just as competent as anywhere else as they are all nationally certified by the NCLEX. It is important to note that the health industry is shifting toward BSN's as LPN's are slowly ruled out (especially at magnet hospitals.) So, it is best to pursue a BSN after completing the ASN program and there are a lot of programs out there that make the transition possible. I hope this helps.
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    I don't think Madison accepted 70 people into the nursing program. But as far as the original question, it's not that bad to get into the program. Lawrenceburg and Madison are smaller campuses and don't have as many applicants as your bigger campuses so I really think your chances are greater at a smaller campus. Get your a's and study study study for the teas and you will be okay. Good luck.
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    Ivy Tech Nursing School was in trouble with the Indiana State Board of Nursing when I began in the fall of 2011, because of low nlcex pass rates. The quality of an Ivy Tech nursing education depends on which campus you attend and which teachers you have. I went to the Richmond Ivy Tech campus starting Fall 2011 and had both good and bad experiences. The RN students were divided up into groups A & B.
    My first semester of nursing school went well but it was only because my group, group "A",had two wonderful teachers; not that I agreed with everything they did, but they did try their hardest to actually teach the material. Group B was no so lucky in that they had the worst teachers; they were struggling and complaining all of first semester and we didn't know why because my group was getting good teaching and good grades.
    My second semester, my group got the worst teachers and everybody came unglued. The teachers during our second semester didn't teach, didn't answer questions over material, didn't tell you over which material you would be tested, and did everything in their power to not give you the information you needed to succeed. When someone failed, they were pleased with themselves. They had some type of delusional superiority complex and the only way they could maintain that feeling of superiority was to do anything they could to get students to fail. Every class was 8 weeks, covering at least 16 weeks worth of material; maybe more. And we were taking four of these 8 week classes at a time.
    We had to pay $400 for this stupid ATI nclex preparation course which was a big joke. So we not only had to take our regular weekly tests, we had to take ATI tests for each course which covered material that was never covered in the course; now is that stupid or is that stupid.
    Nursing is not difficult in and of itself; nursing school is difficult because of the idiots that manage the programs. I have the upmost respect for nurses, but if a person can pass other college classes, they should able to study and pass nursing classes. Nursing is not above and beyond the intellectual capacity of any typical college student. What you have in many nursing schools are teachers who are so bitter and dissatisfied with their lives, that they take it out on everyone else.
    To put all of this in context, in my advanced pharmacology class, our wonderful teacher told us that the school was setting us up for failure; and it wasn't long until I found out what she meant. She didn't like the way the school was being run and advised us to find another nursing school, which some of us did. Stay away from Richmond Ivy Tech, it is evil. They will not rid themselves of bad teachers as they are the only ones who will work for such low pay. THEY WILL NOT TEACH AT RICHMOND IVY TECH. I fear for patients who have nurses that went to Richmond Ivy Tech to learn how to be a nurse!

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