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    I hope to start the ASN at Ivy Tech Richmond in August and I'm thinking of saving up for a PDA. I know IU requires one, but I don't think Ivy Tech does. Does anyone know if it would be helpful? If so, what kind and what software is best? Thanks!

    P.S. I posted a similar message in the student section of allnurses, but I'm not too sure how all this works so I thought I'd post both places! lol

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    Ivy Tech does not require students to have a PDA. The only benefit you would get from it is looking up drugs/interactions/diseases but you would not be able to ultilize it during any kind of tests at the school.
    I have only seen med students carry these.

    They are quite expensive, aren't they?
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    I went to Ivy Tech Lafayette and purchased a PDA. (not required) I found it very helpful in looking info up on meds, diseases, procedures etc. I did not need to carry these books with me to clinicals. I purchased a high end model (at the time), palm Live Drive and purchased nursing central. (Im still paying for it, student loans!!) A lower priced model would have worked just as well for me, however. I was able to download homework to it and work on it from where ever I was at. Once my kids were playing at a McDonalds and I was able to get online and finish up a research project. Once you get a job, some hospitals let you download patient information, such as labs etc. (obviously at work only) I never go anywhere without it. LOVE it!!
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    If you don't mind me asking, what are those things worth with all the necessary downloads?
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    I was also thinking about getting a PDA. I have read where they can be very beneficial to students and nurses. I am thinking about getting the PALM TX. My parents have one and I have played around with it some. I know the Tabers encyclopedia and Davis drug guide are supposed to be good but I am not sure what else. I know IVY Tech does not require them from what I have heard, but do they mind if students have them? A lot of information can be put into that little machine compared to all the books we would have to carry.
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    The instructors here will not let you carry a PDA around. You can use it at home, not in clinicals nor the school.
    If they see you without books using a PDA in classes, you in heap big stink Tonto
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    I'm definitely going to get a PDA once I get into the program
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    Which Ivy tech do you attend Mrs. Frog? If that is the case with Richmond then there is no reason to buy one.
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    I attend Bloomington Ivy Tech as a part time student. I start full time transitional next month.
    I have several friends in the ASN who passed this tidbit of info to me.
    I also have several friends at IU and they say their instructors encourage them to carry a PDA.

    All depends on the rules of that particular college/Ivy Tech.
    Just because they are all Ivy Tech does not mean all the rules are the same.
    I would ask the nursing chair where you attend/will attend.
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    I just got a Treo 680 for $100 with a new AT&T cell contract. You can actually get it free if you want the $30 monthly data plan.

    I ordered it online. If anyone wants to know the website, email me privately because I don't think that is allowed on here.


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