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I hope to start the ASN at Ivy Tech Richmond in August and I'm thinking of saving up for a PDA. I know IU requires one, but I don't think Ivy Tech does. Does anyone know if it would be helpful? If so, what kind and what... Read More

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    I found a good deqal on a plam tx on ebay the other day. It was brand new and came with a preloaded SD card full of medical software like the Davis drug guide and tabers Medical encyclopedia. There are over 40 programs. I ended up doing a best offer and got it for $325 so that is a heck of a deal considering the palm almost cost that much and then there is almost $1300 in software on the card. Just make sure you go with a trustworthy seller.

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    I go to Ivy and I see no use for a PDA. A laptop for class helps though.

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