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Nurse Relocating to Indiana, Indianapolis

  1. 1 Hi i would like to know if anybody could help me get connected to any one in IN who could help me obtain an RN job. And i would like to be an OB nurse if any of those jobs are available thank u. i havent moved yet only bcuz i havent found a job yet. thank you.
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    Jobs you can find but unless you have two years ob experience no ob jobs. I work in Indy most hospitals are hiring for med surf and critical care.
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    Moved to IN Nursing for more response.
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    lots of jobs here in a variety of specialties
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    Thank you for your reply.
    sO HOW DO NUrses get ob jobs. how do they start out in ob?
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    Help me plz! And have you heard of the Pickwick FArms apartments? How is it there? They give discounts for nurses. and they r less than 10min from St. Vincent hospital?
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    I just became nurse in April
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    Yes. Pickwick Farms is less than 10 minutes from St. on 86th.

    Be aware, Pickwick has more than one location, and St.vincent has a main campus at 2001 W 86th, as well as a smaller hospital at Exit 10 on I69 in Fishers. There is a also a Heart Hospital on Meridian and St. Vincent Carmel.