Northwest Indiana hospitals hiring new grads?

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    Any advice is appreciated re: NW IN hospitals hiring new grads. The economy has really hurt our market too (it's kind of discouraging when people keep saying "'re so lucky you're in healthcare during this recession" but then there are a total of THREE positions posted for an ENTIRE facility and none of them are for new grads). Further frustrating and discouraging is when recruiters don't take 2 minutes to return a professional and polite phonecall asking to discuss what positions might be available at their facility for May RN grads. So....if anyone out there has any info it would be appreciated. I noticed that Community - Munster hires "licensed recent grads" it a waste of time to try and get an interview before we pass our NCLEX???? Thanks much!!:wink2:
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    I called methodist hospital in Gary and I also called St. Margaret's and they told me that they are indeed hiring new grad RN's but they both were sure to tell me that they had limited positions available.
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    I too am finding the same problem... no jobs for new grads.
    Indiana does not recognize the title of "Graduate Nurse" so pretty much in Indiana you have your license or you are nothing. I have found that the best place to start is calling the nurse recruiter and explaining that you are a new grad and see what you can do, there's usually an orientation process that will help take up some of the time until you are able to get your license. I'm just waiting for my ATT so that I can take the NCLEX and be more marketable.
    Good Luck to you!
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    Hi Christina - I don't know where you live but wanted to let you know that St. Catherine's in East Chicago is hiring new grads. A couple of my classmates got hired there to work for the Regency center within which handles acute rehab cases. Hope this helps you out!!

    P.S. Otherwise after passing NCLEX you can talk to Community in Munster and St. Mary's in Hobart (they're not easy to get into before passing boards). Good LUCK!
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    Thank you very much for the information however I live in Elkhart - near South Bend and although I've considered searching for work in that area because of the travel involved it wouldn't work with my family. I had a promising interview at a LTC facility in town and although that wasn't my first choice, I think that with things the way they are around here right now I will feel fortunate to be offered a position. Most of the people that I graduated with haven't even been able to schedule interviews. I'll certainly pass this information on to anyone considering commuting for work!

    Thanks again for the information!
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    Hi Christina - Wow - no I wouldn't suggest a commute from Elkhart to NW Indiana for a new grad job - wages just wouldn't support the cost of gasoline and the time away from family especially! I'm sorry you're having a hard time - I have a friend that works at St. Joe's so I know a bit about what's been going on there. He's a respiratory therapist and a classmate of my so he's a new RN grad and they don't have a position for him either. I also know about the economic hardships that Elkhart has been suffering - so a double whammy for you so to speak. May I encourage you by saying that you might find out that you love LTC even though it's not your first choice? The elderly can be an appreciative, gracious group of people. Once we've reached a certain age the human race can all of sudden be nicer, less concerned about the little things - a mistake that can be easily corrected and know how to say thank you a lot more often. I love the elderly. My only problem is I get attached. I cried my eyes out when my grandfather's roommate died in LTC. There are many positives about nursing in LTC - people only focus on the negatives sometimes. For instance each day you go to work you already know your patients - could be very helpful for a new grad in learning meds etc. Just remember we can do ANYTHING for a year and survive and learn from it and actually enjoy it if we set our mind to it. I hope this was encouraging to you in some way. God Bless

    P.S. If you decide to take the position in LTC I would highly encourage you to read various posts from this forum re: LTC - this is a great source of info - I love this website and feel very blessed to have happened onto it!
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    I was offered the position at the LTC facility today and have decided to take it - it's on the acute rehab unit. It's not exactly what I pictured myself doing after graduation but the majority of the people I graduated with haven't even had interviews yet so I consider myself lucky.
    I have worked at St. Joe for the past two years and they didn't and still don't have anything available - not just for new grads. I'm going to attempt to keep my PRN status that way should something open up I can apply for it at internal instead of being an outside applicant.
    I agree, this website is great! Whenever I can't find an answer for something I can usually search here and find it, I have also looked to it for reassurance throughout nursing school.
    Even if I completely hate the job at least I can say that I have experience and can look at the whole thing as a learning experience. But, you never know - I may end up loving it. I guess that only time will tell.
    Thanks again for the great advice!
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    Christina - CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you! You have a wonderful attitude and yes it's a major blessing to have a job as a new grad. You will learn SO much in acute rehab and if you desire to leave you could easily transition into a critical care area with that experience! Those people are going to tug at your heart but hey that's a big part of nursing isn't it! They'll be equally blessed to have you as their nurse! Good Luck and take care! :heartbeat
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    Congats to you Christina! I hope everything works out well for you.
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    Thank you very much!
    Now if I can could just get my ATT already so I can get boards out of the way!

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