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If you're interested in pursuing this program, beware that you are going into a program that will leave you scratching your heads as to how unorganized it is. Course content in pathophysiology and... Read More

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    Hi! I just received all of my application stuff and plan to submit it soon.

    I actually live in Oregon Are you in Nashville? I graduated with my BS in public health education but about halfway through I decided I wanted to pursue nursing. I didn't want to "waste" my degree, so I finished up with the goal of applying to ABSN programs. I chose Marian after a lengthy search through out of state programs. I have all the pre-reqs completed and I also like that the program is partially online.
    Do you have Facebook? It would be nice if I could make some connections in town before I move out there!
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    Awesome!!! Best of luck to you in the application! I am in Nashville. I work at Vanderbilt in research. Yes, I am on Facebook. My name is Kallie. I think I am the only one in Nashville. That public health education will be helpful regardless. If you have trouble finding me, let me know.
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    Quote from pinkbob4
    Three things to consider...

    1. For those thinking about the Indianapolis program, I need to tell you, in case you haven't heard: the RN job market here truly, miserably SUCKS. I recently graduated from the Marian program, got my license, and since I have sent out applications to every single job posting I might qualify for (60+), and have been rejected by everything from hospitals to clinics to nursing homes to home health work. I've physically walked into hospitals and clinics and have been denied any sort of application. They won't even take my resume. Each day, I wake up and do an exhaustive search on every hospital website's 'career' page, everything on, the state's gov't site, and craigslist - and I apply to everything that's new for that day. There aren't many. I even have connections through a few working RNs, but they keep saying that there simply isn't work for someone without experience. In short, it's a sickening feeling knowing that I have YEARS of debt ahead of me, with a 6-month loan repayment grace period quickly coming to an end, and I have no way to start paying it back. Not even a penny. So, now I'm also looking for non-nursing jobs, too. I'm questioning why I chose this profession.

    2. Do yourself a favor a get a job in school. Patient care tech, CNA, anything. I know it'll make things harder, but it's the smartest decision you can make. As far as I know, the dozen people in my class who had these jobs immediately became RNs on their units upon graduation. I definitely had the time to work a job, and now I'm lamenting the fact that I didn't.

    3. When you do get a job it most likely won't be the nursing job you had envisioned. Nursing is a HUGE field, and people enter it for a thousand different reasons. For example, as a nurse, I never wanted to work in a nursing home or do bedside nursing. I wanted to become an OR or ICU nurse - a nurse who focuses on just a few patients at time and/or works with a team of other professionals. Now - as best as I can predict - the doors open to me as a new grad are, essentially, of the nursing home variety. Even my close friend who works as nurse in an emergency operating room (my dream unit) tells me, "Sorry dude, our unit just can't hire new nurses." So, be prepared to spend at least a year or so doing something that you weren't aiming for. But who knows? It might end up being the place you and I love.
    Out of curiosity- are you only searching in Indianapolis or have you expanded your search outside city limits? NOt just Indy suburbs, but bloomington, Lafayette, terre haute, etc? I'm in school in Terre Haute right now and I've been told that a lot of the rural hospitals are hiring big-time.
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    I am thinking of applying to the Marion Nashville Online absn program. Wondering how it is going and would welcome comments from anyone who is currently a student of this program. Also considering the Union University program, Vanderbilt, and Belmont as well as Bellarmine in Lousiville, KY. This program is very expensive for what it is. There are others out there that are not as pricey... granted not as much online (that appeals to me) but still accelerated versions of the BSN or pre specialty MSN programs. Great to read all the comments and feedback. Wishing you all so much luck!!
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    Hey kt2nursing!
    Have you started the program? Did you move to Nashville? I will need to find housing in January.

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