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If you're interested in pursuing this program, beware that you are going into a program that will leave you scratching your heads as to how unorganized it is. Course content in pathophysiology and nursing care for the adult... Read More

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    I just re-read my last post and felt like I painted Marian's program in a negative light. I apologize. To be certain, this is a great program. But like any education it has its difficulties. I simply meant to paint its realities in the truest light. Whomever undertakes the Marian online education has made a great choice and in the end will be satisfied.
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    Great post pinkbob4! You gave the details I have been looking for. I will be starting with the first Nashville cohort in May. I'm super excited. As you indicated I am expecting some growing pains for the program. I hope that the professors are up to par because i refuse to pay over 50k and get a lousy education. Another thing that'll be interesting is the lack of an actual campus. I would have loved this for printing and meeting.
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    eyeheartdani - I'm so excited for you. As long as you truly want to be a nurse, I don't think the path there (or the cost of the path) should matter. After all, you can expect steady employment and tons of opportunities that will help pay off student loans over the years. College debt is just a way of life these days anyway. Marian knows we are capable students (we all have previous degrees) and they hold us to a high standard. For instance, we can't pass a course with anything lower than a C+. If you get something lower than that on any given test, the administrators are super quick to contact you and ask if you need additional resources or tutoring. So, they look out for their students big time. This program also has a very competitive NCLEX first-pass percentage, and they are constantly aiming to improve it. I think I might be in the first or second cohort that is required to do more rigorous KAPLAN training in preparation for boards. Plus, after you graduate, the school invites you (well, actually it's mandatory) to take a 4-day NCLEX boot camp. I've heard nothing but good things about this experience.

    You'll have to keep everyone updated on what the Nashville site is like. What hospital are you associated with? Do you ever have to visit Indianapolis?
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    Thanks for the encouragement! We are partnered with St Thomas hospital. I doubt we will have to ever go to Indianapolis. I like the fact that there is a 4 day NCLEX boot camp. The NCLEX is the one thing that I am worried about. We register for classes on Tuesday the 15th. So I should get to see how many will be in the first cohort. Julie told me she was expecting 15-16 so it'll be interesting to see how many are actually going to be in the program. I'm just hoping that all the professors are good and prompt with responding!