LPN to ASN 2013 February first deadline

  1. Any LPN ppl applying to the LPN to ASN transition program?

    I got applications at 6 different regions and 11 campuses as of yesterday. The longest drive being lawrenceburg, 1 hour and 46 minutes away. Totally worth it, if I get in.

    I'm still sort of shell-shocked from the recent cancellation of the lawrence LPN to ASN program from last fall semester. However, they're taking 30 LPN to ASN students for this upcoming Feb. 1st deadline instead of the normal 20.

    When I gathered up all my points it became a 159

    3 A's and one B in A&P 102.
    79.3 on TEAS V

    Even now, I still heavily fret over that one B and think to myself how much higher my score could be if it were replaced... ugh

    On the bright side, I have friends who made the transition with 2B's and 2C's and an 82 on the TEAS so.... here's hoping.

    Another friend made it with 156 points at the lawrence campus last spring (2012).

    *grits teeth with anticipation*
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  3. by   csoultz
    I applied to the Anderson campus hoping to get into the Marion transition program. I have an A in all 4 classes with a 79.4 on the TEAS so I think that puts me with either a 168 or a 169 over in points. Im still waiting on my letter though, it cant get here fast enough. I graduated from the Muncie PN program in 2011 and a girl I graduated with got in with the same exact score I have now last summer so fingers crossed!
  4. by   libran1984
    I GOT IN to Lawrence/Indianapolis: LPN-ASN!!!!

    Found out today (2/15/2013)
  5. by   csoultz
    Good for you! Im still waiting to hear from Anderson. I called a few days ago to see what the progress was and they said they were still sorting through applications...sigh
  6. by   mommywifenurse29
    New here. I got into the lpn-asn program lawrence campus. Super excited!!!!
  7. by   libran1984
    Do u think we have to retake peds/Ob at Lawrence since graduated within that 2 year frame?
  8. by   libran1984
    Oh, I also applied to Anderson (north east region), lawrenceburg/Madison, Franklin/Columbus, Bloomington, and Richmond. So once I hear back from them I'll turn them down to free up spots for wait listed apps.
  9. by   csoultz
    I dont think we have to retake a class but I think its a more advanced class. I do remember my OB teacher saying something to us like "Oh when you guys cone back you'll have to do this..." but Im not really too sure. I am happy that it will only only 2 semesters, thats why I will be so bummed if I don't get accepted this year because Ill pass my 2 year mark
  10. by   libran1984
    Oh srsly!? Only 2 semesters? Sooo does that mean summer session and then fall semester and thats it!?
  11. by   csoultz
    I dont think the summer is a full semseter just a few weeks. Im really not %100 sure. I just know if you have graduated within 2 years its a semester shorter.
  12. by   libran1984
    Interesting. An LPN I work with at the ER was accepted this time last year after 5 years post graduation. She started in May 2012; then took 2-3 classes during the summer, then fall, and now finally spring. She'll be done late April
  13. by   csoultz
    Yea there is like a remediation class or semester that you et to skip. Maybe its just a class but either way if I get to skip anything Im happy!
  14. by   csoultz
    Just got my acceptance letter today!!!