LPN to ASN 2013 February first deadline - page 2

Any LPN ppl applying to the LPN to ASN transition program? I got applications at 6 different regions and 11 campuses as of yesterday. The longest drive being lawrenceburg, 1 hour and 46 minutes away. Totally worth it, if I... Read More

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    Interesting. An LPN I work with at the ER was accepted this time last year after 5 years post graduation. She started in May 2012; then took 2-3 classes during the summer, then fall, and now finally spring. She'll be done late April

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    Yea there is like a remediation class or semester that you et to skip. Maybe its just a class but either way if I get to skip anything Im happy!
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    Just got my acceptance letter today!!!
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    I just got my acceptance letter today!!!!
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    Lilbran1984 what was your class schedule for transition. I'm finishing up my mental health class in Laweremceburg then I will be able to take my boards in March. The program chair said if I turn in all nessassary paperwork I can start the transition there in June. I wanted to know how hecktik it is. I live almost two hours from there. I just need to take the transition lab, ob and peds class and clinical, then advanced medsurg class and clinical.

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