Ivytech fall 2013

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    Thought I'd see who else is waiting for "the letter"?? I applied to several programs and will take any of them!

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    Go go ivy techers!

    LPN-RN at Lawrence starting May 22nd. Ur a traditional student, but good luck! What scores did u get on ur TEAS and required classes?
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    Good Luck to you as well! I have 2 A's and 2 B's and a 77 on Teas. I would love a RN spot but will take a PN spot! I should have retaken my B classes but one was from years back when I didn't care to much about school. I know I could get A's in both now. If I don't get into any program for the fall I will retake them both for next time. I applied to 9 programs so I'm hoping to hear good news from at least one!
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    I'm sure you can get into a PN program somewhere ^_^. The RN program may be a farther reach, but not necessarily unobtainable. My first go-round I only applied to the Lawrence campus with 3 A's, 1B and an 84% on my TEAS III. I was relegated to the PN program at that campus. It was a wonderful experience and I'm so glad I was able to be a practical nurse. Being an LPN landed me my dream job of working in an ER as an actual nurse without all the responsibilities of the RN (just double the work load if that makes sense and half the pay $14.35/hr).

    I do wish i had gone back to school immediately after graduation, though, but instead focused on work and taking my co-requisites one class per semester. If I had just gone back immediately my transition to the RN role would have only been 6 months instead of an entire year. I'm currently kicking myself over this situation, seeing many of the students i'm starting school with again graduate before me despite my greater experience.


    So my point is go back to the RN bridge program asap after graduation if you make it to the LPN program and not the RN.

    I applied to the LPN - RN bridge at 6 regions / 11 campuses and I was accepted to all of them with 3 A's, 1 B and a 79.4 on my TEAS V. I even got into Richmond which only accepts 5 transition students per semester if I remember right.

    Good luck, homie!
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    Awesome! Best of luck to you!! I just want to be a nurse to give back. I spent most of my life in a hospital with my mom so I feel like it would be perfect for me! I'm keeping my fingers crossed on getting in. June can't get here soon enough!
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    I applied to the Terre Haute Campus, I had all A's in my pre-reqs, 79 on Teas V at the advanced level, all co reqs are completed, and turned in app with 169 points. To be honest, I am freaking out. I am 43 years old and coming back to school with all of my children either graduated from college or nearing the end. In fact, if I do get into the Fall ASN program, I would end up graduating the same Month/Year as my two youngest children. I am so impatient and waiting is driving me crazy.... I know the Teas scores were ranging between 60 with Proficient to where I am at. I was told that there was an 85 on Teas but had B's in pre-reqs. I can tell you this though, every time I get a letter from Ivy Tech... my heart beats out of my chest. Excited, nervous, and scared.... Finishing up this semester and going to have some fun with the family and hopefully we will know soon.
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    To chall138- u'll be fine. That's plenty enough to get in anywhere that is ivy tech in this state
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    I wouldnt worry with that score! I agree, I got a letter in the mail from ivytech today and was excited till I realized it was junk, I knew it was too early but still!
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    I am waiting on my letter. I've got a pretty low score so I am so anxious. My score is 160.7. I would LOVE to see what other people have applied with...
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    Hi everyone! We are all in the same boat right now - waiting for anything and everything that displays the "Ivy Tech" logo in the mailbox, lol.

    I applied to Lawrence and Anderson with all A's and a TEAS score of 81.3, for a total of 171.3 points.

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