ivy tech/ lawrence HELP :)

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    I was wondering if anyone from the Lawrence Campus has taken Microbiology and/or Advanced Physiology in the summer. (or at this point, at all)

    I am taking both this summer and I want to start studying, ummmm, NOW

    I know I have lost my mind , but I don't want to take one this summer and one next and mess up my chances of getting a summer internship.

    Any help, like what chapters to start on, what are the tests like, is there homework...any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated.

    (just want to throw in here that I have 3.9 gpa, so I am definitely not asking for answers, just what to study since I'm taking on so much in 10 weeks)


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    I am taking Microbiology now...online. It is a 4 credit course and it is difficult!
    And remember, summer classes are usually fast tracked into an eight week course instead of the normal 16 weeks.
    I personally would not touch those two courses together in a fast track enviroment.
    As for what chapters to start on, depends if your taking it on line or in person and from what book.
    I am taking mine out of Terra Haute on line and we are using Micro by Jacquelyn Black.
    I have a 4.0 GPA and find it difficult. I spend approx 30 hours a week at my computer studying over and over and I am only getting a low B so far.
    If your young and can do it, go for it but to take them both as summer courses would be a very difficult thing to do as they are both 4 credit hours each and super hard.

    Good luck!
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    I took microbiology online last summer and did not find it too difficult. I got an A, but you do have to study for the tests. Advanced physiology was nearly impossible during a normal 16 week term, let alone trying to squeeze all the material into 8 weeks. I would not advise taking it in the summer. It was one of the most difficult classes I have ever taken. Several in my class had to drop advanced physio due to low grades.

    If you decide to take micro this summer, I would advise taking it online through Terre Haute. There are several online labs to do and one all-day Sat. lab on the Terre Haute campus. The tests are nearly identical to the online practice tests and vocabulary, so study those over and over. I believe we started with chapter 1 in the book, so if you want to get a head start you may start reading.

    Good Luck. You can do it!
    PS- I am a secound semester ASN student at Lawrence. Graduate Dec. '08
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    I am taking that course now from Terra Haute and the questions on the test are NOT the same as the practice quizzes.
    I just took Test #2 and the 98% of the questions were not the same as the practice quizzes. Our teacher makes us work darn hard for our marks.........its not as easy course.
    With the extra labs you need to do, as well as online quizzes ( those are easy)........I would still not advise you to take 2 courses in an 8 weeks period.
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    Also, keep in mind that the ASN/LPN programs at Ivy Tech (espcially in the Indianapolis area) are rather competitive so you really need to maximize your grades. Grades are points (for admission) and the difference between an "A" and a "B" could make the difference for you!
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    Microbiology and Advanced Physio does not count towards admission to a nursing program as it is a co-req, not a pre-req.
    As long as you get a C in it, your fine.
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    I am taking Microbiology 201 and am currently getting an "A". I love the instructor and the class. I don't know about the summer program but this spring class is great!! She is a great teacher and really explains the material throughly. I'm also taking chemistry there and that is another story!! Hahaha! Good luck
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    Do you find the Chem hard?? I was going to take both classes together but was told not to as they are too consuming.................

    Are you taking it online or in person?

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    I am taking both micro and chem at the same time, at the school. I think chem would be better if the teacher knew how to teach. She is so smart that I don't think she knows how to teach it. I feel badly for saying that but that's how I feel. I pretty much teach myself using the book, cd from the book or the internet! :typing
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    I'm taking CHM 101 online with Wolfe through the SB campus. It's not too bad, and it's been 15+ years since I've taken chemistry. So far, we have only covered about half a chapter a week.

    Did anyone have Janice Webster online through Terre Haute for Micro? I was thinking about taking that class and making the four hour drive there from the SB area that one Saturday. Otherwise, I'm going to take it on campus MW 8:30-12:45 with Battigelli in SB. I've heard this class in more enjoyable than ANP. What do you think?


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