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  1. Does anyone know anything about Ivy Tech's course exclusion policies? I have a couple semesters that I had to pull out of when I was put on bedrest with my last two pregnancies. I ended up with F's on my transcript because of it. They are now hurting my GPA majorly. I was enrolled in the Early Childhood Education program then, so the classes don't apply to Nursing. How hard would it be for me to have those classes excluded from my GPA calculation? Anyone have any experience with this situation? I am an A student, so I hate that it looks like I'm a slacker. I have A's in all 4 classes they look at for the program, but still need to take the TEAS. I'm freaking out about my transcript though!
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  3. by   IndyMitchell
    Ivy Tech RN program does not look at your GPA, they look at the 4 required classes, ANP 1 & 2, Eng 111, Intro Phsy, then those grades are assigned pts. "A" is 30 "B" is 20, "C" is 10 then you have to take the TEASE test and your score from that will be added to those points and that is how they decide who gets in.. if there is a tie they look at how many other classes you have completed. plus you get an extra 3 pts for living in the region you apply in. Hope that helps.. I start my RN classes in 9 days,, I am scared to death.:icon_roll
  4. by   obicurn
    Hopefully I should have no problem getting in. I have an A in all of those classes. My main concern....after I finish my Associates, I want to transfer to IUPUI for the bachelor program. They do look at GPA. I just want that stuff off of my transcript if possible. Less headache later, I guess. I am applying for Fall at Indy and Columbus. After spring, I will have nothing left to take besides nursing classes, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get accepted at one of them!!
  5. by   IndyMitchell
    Columbus is where I was accepted for RN, Indy turned my down for RN but accepted me for LPN. I will be driving almost 1 hour to Columbus but I didn't want to turn down the RN spot.. I had 3 'A's , 1 'B' and only a 78 on my TEASE. The ones I know that got in at Indy had Middle to HIGH 80's on the TEASE. or 4 'A's and with middle 80's on the TEASE.
    I thought when you retake a class the higher grade replaces the other? I'm not sure though? Have you called IU? Not sure if I want to go for the Bachelor, I will cross that path later. BUT someone said the IVY tech in Columbus has a program with another college to work on the Bachelor towards the end of the Ass.???
    Not sure haven't checked..
    If you have to take a class for student loans reasons, I heard dosage calc. really helps, not required though, but something to take while waiting. Tina by the Ameriplex
  6. by   obicurn
    I'm not retaking anything.....the classes I had to drop were when I was an Early Childhood major, so they have nothing to do with my nursing degree. The grades are on my transcript though, so they are bringing down my GPA. Where is the Ameriplex at? I'm in Greenwood.
  7. by   IndyMitchell
    :spin:It is off Kentucky Ave.(67) by the airport/Decatur High School. WOW Greenwood is probley closer to Columbus for you than Lawerance? There was about 6 or more girls infront of me in the RN orientation meeting.
    I am scared to death:innerconfone more week and I start.. I also work..

  8. by   obicurn
    I can't wait to start. Hoping like hell I get accepted! I don't work but I have 4 kids under 10. Should be interesting!!
  9. by   IndyMitchell
    Did you take night classes at Ivy Tech.??
    You will have your hands FULL trying to study at home. You will need to go and study somewhere else..
  10. by   obicurn
    They go to Jeremiah Gray and have days that are longer than typical. That should give me study time. I'm taking day classes....I dont want to have to pay for childcare. For 4 kids, it would be outrageous!
  11. by   IndyMitchell
    oh, I was just wondering if maybe I had a class with ya, but I took all of mine at night..
  12. by   muncieLPN34
    Hello there,

    As mentioned above, they do NOT look at overall GPA at IvyTech. I guess that is a good thing. But it is not so good when you apply at other places like you mentioned. But is you have all A's in the 4 main course that are used for placement at IvyTech, and you do ok on the TEAS, you will get in. I would think if you at least get in the 80's or so you will get in with that.

    Good Luck
  13. by   obicurn
    I met with an advisor today and got all the forms I need for the course exclusions. Hopefully, they do it for me.
    I almost forgot.....Indy may not be so hard to get into now they are admitting two classes per year. May not be near as competitive.
  14. by   Nervous Nursey2b

    hi, i'm taking the teas at ivy tech in richmond next month. they are accepting the top 50 score's from what i understand. i do have a 4.0 in all 4 prereqs. and i'm studying the ati manual. hopefully, i'll get in! i do not like math so i'm way worried about that section.
    good luck to everybody!