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Thought I would start a thread to see how many people were applying to Ivy Tech's Fall 2012 nursing programs. I will be applying to the Fort Wayne campus. Looking to see if they are any others out there who might be joining... Read More

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    Woohoo!!!!!!!!! Bloomington ASN program here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    See you in Bloomington, Jneal!!!! It hasn't really sunk in yet!!!!
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    Congrats to you all
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    Congrats to all those who have been soooo patiently waiting the last few days.

    I got my acceptance to both Sellersburg and Bloomington for ASN. I will be declining Bloomington and Columbus, so goodluck to alternates in both of those regions.

    What a journey this is going to be.....BRING IT ON!
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    Has anyone that got accepted to the Fort Wayne campus gotten your email back with all the paperwork in it yet? I sent my acceptance in Friday and I haven't heard anything back and I'm starting to freak out a bit!
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    I emailed and found out that the person who's supposed to be in charge of emailing everything was out sick. She's back and working on catching up. Should hopefully have stuff sent tomorrow or Thursday.
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    Hello everyone! And Congratulations for everyone who was accepted. I was accepted to Lawrence for ASN. I have a question. Does anyone know about the nursing scholarship the state gives out? I have a bachelor's degree already, but I'm back in school for nursing. I checked SSACI website on information about it. I applied for it. The website says you must be a current undergraduate student working towards an associate's or a first bachelor's. I'm not working towards another bachelors degree, but I am working towards an associate's. Does that mean I'm still eligible for this aid?
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    Good news... I got the call from Anderson today, a spot opened up and I have been accpeted into the ASN program. I'm so excited. I was happy to be in the PN program, but really wanted to go straight into the ASN. Doin' the happy dance!!
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    Just wondering..for those of you who have been to orientation, how overwhelmed were you with all the info given?
    I went last week, the upfront costs were a little shock ( I knew there would be some, but didn't expect it to be that much :icon_roll ).
    All the info that has to be scanned and uploaded and attached and completed before I can even register for classes has me nervous, but other than that...wasn't too bad.
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    I felt alittle overwhelmed. The cost is okay with me, because I know it is more than three times as much at other colleges. Still hurts to have to pay that much, but we've been preparing to spend it. I am getting overwhelmed with the vaccination records. I have had all my records sent to my pcp(from birth to now, I'm 36), and I called, and they told me that dont show any records of my vaccinations. WTH!!! So I'm on a records hunt now.
    Just take a deep breath..of course I need to take several Best of luck.

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