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Thought I would start a thread to see how many people were applying to Ivy Tech's Fall 2012 nursing programs. I will be applying to the Fort Wayne campus. Looking to see if they are any others... Read More

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    Has ANYBODY gotten anything from Bloomington or Sellersburg? Based upon other acceptance scores, I'm feeling comfortable about my acceptance, UNLESS i messed up the app... My mail has already run today, and AGAIN, no letter from either one... I'm SOOOOOOOO frustrated!!!!!!!!!!

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    I still haven't gotten my letters either! I got a letter from Bloomington today...my husband was so excited! It turned out to be a "Dean's List" letter! Aaaaahhhh! What are their acceptance scores, do you know? I didn't even know that you could find that out!
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    jneal.. I got the dean's list letter as well. I don't know what the acceptance scores at Bloomington/Sellersburg are for this year. I'm only basing it on what others have posted from other campuses, as well as last year's numbers. Just keep busy.. it will help to pass the time..since nobody else is posting, maybe you and I are the only two candidates. That would be sweet... HA!
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    Kokomo just sent me my acceptance letter; 162.4/190 (originally sent a rejection letter). So exciting!
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    Congrats mmills63!! so does that mean you will turn down the alternate spot in Anderson hehehhee Sorry, I just really really want to go straight into ASN, instead of transitioning.
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    Probably not. Anderson is a lot closer to my house than Kokomo, so if I get offered a spot there, I'll probably take it. I'm just happy cause I finally know that, either way, I'm going to nursing school!
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    Congrats mmills! Glad your wait is over!
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    Bloomington/Sellersburg letters BOTH came today. I got in with a total score of 179.3. At this point, I'm not sure which campus I will be accepting. I would like to take a few days to research which campus has the highest 6 month post graduation employment rate. I know Sellersburg has many more hospitals to work with than Bloomington, with potentially many more job opportunities. However, Sellersburg is also located in an area where there are many more nursing schools, with many more applicants for those jobs. I will make a decision by the end of the week. For all of you alternates, hang in there!!! Dont give up yet, even though the waiting is AWFUL!!!!!!! I'm SO excited to get going!
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    @Cattleshowmom, congrats! With a score that high, was there really any doubt that you wouldn't get in!
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    I know, right? However, it's been my personal experience that if ANYbody can mess up a sure thing, that person would be me. After I turned in my app. I spoke with 3 different people who had scores of close to a perfect 190.. And then, as the days went on, I started worrying myself to death that I had left something out of my application, or not signed something, or used a copy when an original was required.... Anyway, the wait is over!!!!! On to the next step...

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