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Thought I would start a thread to see how many people were applying to Ivy Tech's Fall 2012 nursing programs. I will be applying to the Fort Wayne campus. Looking to see if they are any others... Read More

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    jgtdolphin, what were your scores? I didn't even get a letter, so I assume it is bad news. There used to be a program through a police dept. to get cpr, and the hospital has one.

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    My husband got acceptance letters for ASN at Anderson and Lafayette!! Score of 166.4. I'm so proud of him!!

    Good luck to everyone who's waiting!
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    Quote from jgtdolphin
    Okay, so I saw the maillady drive by, and ran to get the mail, I then saw an IVyTech envelope, and my stomach & heart dropped. I began shaking like crazy with nerves. THe verdict is that I made ALTERNATE for the ASN at Anderson. I guess that's better than a rejection.
    So I will accept the offer, but I will also accept the PN at Lawrence, just in case I never get that Anderson call. I'm assuming that since I got into the PN at Lawrence, that I probably didn't make it into the RN. I'm wondering if I should wait it out a few more days, or call to verify this.
    I should be excited and relieved, but I'm feeling dissapointment in myself and overwhelmed. It could be the perfectionist in me??
    Now for the stupid question: In the letter it states " you must provide a current healthcare provider CPR card which is to include AED(American heart association or red cross). I do not have a current CPR card(it expired along long time ago, I did take a 2 hr course on CPR a couple of years agom, but was never given a card. I'm assuming I need to go get a card by taking a class. ANy suggestions to where??? YMCA is the only place that comes to mind.
    Congrats on the alternate..I hope you get a letter/call saying you get an ASN spot!

    As far as CPR, I know that Lawrence has a stipulation that you have American Heart Association BLS for healthcare providers. You can search local hospitals or go to AHA's website. This certification lasts for 2 years...and employers look for BLS certification (Basic Life Support). I don't know what the red cross offers in the way of healthcare provider CPR.
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    My scores weren't the greatest. It was 161 . I can't even remember. I got a 76 on the TEASV, and All A's in all my prereqs(well the ENG111 was from 15 yrs ago was a B, so that hurt me, even though I took ENG112 & got an A) It sucks because I have a 4.0, and was told not to worry about retaking ENG111, but to take ENG112, then to find I no longer needed 112 anymore. UGH!! I did awful on the TEAS, so I really felt I wouldn't get in at all. I hate that they only go by points instead of looking at the whole picture.
    Don't assume its bad news, your letter just probably hasn't come yet.
    Last edit by jgtdolphin on May 31, '12 : Reason: went back to verify my scores
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    Ouch, my score was 146. I had all a's and one b. The TEAS killed me.
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    The TEAS was just pure evil!!! I studied alot for it, but I took it two days after having to take 3 mid term exams, so I had fried brain!! I was warned when I started that you pretty much have to have all A's in the prereqs to get in, and if not then to take it over. It's frustrating. Hang in there.
    Ok, so I just called Lawrence to see if I got into the RN... NOPE. She said if you got accepted into the PN then you are not accepted into the ASN. So I went ahead and accepted the PN place.
    Now I can just hope that I get a call from Anderson for the ASN.
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    Got my letter from Anderson. Looks like I'm an ALTERNATE.... 162.4/190.... Fingers crossed!
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    WTG!! Let's hope several don't take their spots so we both get ours
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    Accepted to Lafayette! All A's and 80 on Teas for total of 170 to ASN! Yay!
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    caknecht86 Congratulations! I also recieved my acceptance letter to Lafayette today. I'm so glad that it came earlier than I was expecting! Now we just have to wait more- until the orientation program...but at least this time waiting won't be as stressful!
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