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I've been reading "allnurses" for several years, never thinking I'd reach this point. So, I never registered. However, after 2-years of night classes the dream of nursing might become a reality. Now,... Read More

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    Quote from carlosnindy
    It really is. We actually used it as an example today in IU Health Central Nursing Orientation about what not to post on a public social networking site. The educator said that there is a team at IU Health that does nothing but search for this kind of stuff all day and try and track down the source. They take this stuff very very seriously. Look at it this way. What if that patient had been my relative and I read what you wrote and called the hospital to complain, which could easily happen. They would have no trouble finding out who the transporter was when this happened and then that person could, and probably would, be fired. It is just that easy.
    yes, i see your point and the point of others that have responded. i re-read what i had posted and really decided it was a bad decision on my part, so i had the administrator delete it. thanks for bringing this to my attention.
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