Ivy Tech CertifiedBackground.com/ physical question

  1. Where are you finding the receipt once you pay for this website? I need to print it and take it to my school in order to get the paper to take my drug test.

    Also on the physical the only place the Dr. signs is the page with the shots listed, right? I am worried I'm missing a page. I got my 1st TB skin test, will have it read Wed. but I see I need another one, it's just the same test but done 1-3 weeks from now, correct? I did the titers route, so I guess I'll find out soon if there's any immunizations I still need.

    I got accepted late (got a call late last week) into the Lafayette campus, so I didn't get to attend the orientation. I am trying to get this all together, as I only have a week. It's due Aug. 5, but I'm leaving for vacation later this week.

    Thanks for any help! Feeling a little overwhelmed right now...
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  3. by   Rhubarb J.
    First...contratulations! They says that a LOT at orientation, so I'm sorry you missed that part.

    Ok, I can only speak of the Anderson Campus....but, it sounds pretty similar on your tests. For us...the background/drug test is due by August 5th. Most of the Medical stuff is due by September 15th...except the 3rd Hep. shot which is 6-months after the first one. They also made it VERY clear that school had to be paid by August 15th.

    On the drug test. Go back to your account with the CP. At the very bottom there will be several boxes. One is background, one is drug, and several others. Click the "+" sign next to drug...and that opens a window. I believe it says you can print the paper you need for the test. That's where I found mine.

    On the vaccinations. I have been scanning them into CP as I go. Made a mistake or two...and it was rejected. So, I corrected it...and scanned them in again. My two mistakes: I didn't have the front AND back of my CPR card on the same page...and you can only scan one page. The other mistake was the TB. They want it when BOTH tests are complete, not in progress.

    Talk to the folks who are collecting the information at the school...they can help. It will be ok. I'm scared too, that after all this work that I'll drop something. Remember, though, God put us on this journey and isn't going to abandon us now!
  4. by   tjwillis

    Thank you so much for all that info, every little bit helps. I never actually found a "receipt" I'm just going to take the confirmation email with me and hope that is sufficient.

    Good luck to you!
  5. by   cheesewhiz
    i took my confirmation email with me to bloomington ivy tech and that was plenty. our background checks/drug screenings are due august 8 and physical/immunization records are due by august 22nd. does anyone know if your regular physician does the TB screenings? i had one done through work back in february, but have to get 2nd one.