Ivy Tech Books 1st semester nursing

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    Does anyone know what books will be needed for 1st semester
    NSG 100,101,102,103,105,106

    I don't have orientation until July 21st so I don't have any info on that yet. I'm bored waiting and was curious.
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    I know for the Indy campus we were able to buy all of our books in a bundle for first semester. For the second semester we are only required to purchase books for OB/Peds. I am not sure if the other campuses offer the nursing bundle or not, but the bookstore would know!
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    We had to get a Fundamentals book, pharmacology, dosage calc, Med surg, can't remember what else. I know it cost me a fortune though.
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    Is there anyway you can give me the exact titles and/or authors?

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    go to ur local bookstore and ask for the ISBN. They will give you a whole page of books, titles, and ISBN's. This is what I did. This way you don't buy the wrong book, I think different campus's have some different books.
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    Be prepared... it was about $900 for that first semester. But you use most of those books for the rest of the program. I don't think the new book lists are up yet on campus connect... my list is old and wouldn't be right or I would tell you.
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    Were the other bookstores bought out by Follett like Richmond campus was? They won't give ISBN numbers anymore. Nice, huh?
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    yep, I believe so.
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    Per IT, the new book list for fall should be available on their website ( for each school) the week of Aug 4th.
    I am in the transitional, already did the 5 weeks, and our books were approx 600.00. I was told by the teacher that we should only have to purchase one more book for the rest of the school year.