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I am going to be applying to several Ivy Techs in Jan 08 for the summer LPN-RN transition program. Does anyone have any preferences between Columbus or Indianapolis? I heard that you have to drive basically all over the state... Read More

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    :spin:so are you going to be in the LPN to RN or the traditional RN program?
    I start the traditional RN program in Jan 08 in Columbus.

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    I'm going into the transition program LPN-RN. I am already an LPN. ) My course won't start until May 08. )
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    I think that's why they only put 10 in the traditional RN program. They're saving a bunch of spots for transition students. I know they work pretty close with Bloomington hospital and they have a lot of employees that they want in the program.
    I'm going to have my co-reqs done before I start the actual nursing classes. I think I'll have my hands full enough without taking anything extra during the program.
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    I did all of my co-req's before starting the RN program and it was a life-saver!! I can't imagine what it would be like to have more classes on top of what I already have!
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    IVY tech IS the best hands down because it's cheap, and it saves alot of time and money and they have alot of resources to get you the help that you need.

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