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If you have been accepted in either the LPN or ASN program would you mind posting your scores? I was talking with a girl in my ANP class today, and was kind of shocked by what she told me. She... Read More

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    I found out that no one got into indy with a B (unless they got a 98 on their TEAS) one B did get them onto the alternate list though, as I have a friend that got 3 A's 1 B and an 89...I would shoot for all A's no matter where you are going because with people figuring out that it's too iffy to have a B I would assume that there will be less and less B's getting in. Good Luck!
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    I just wanted to add that I did get into Logan's ASN program. I ended up with a 210 points.

    I agree with Colt definately shoot for all A's and a >82 on your teas. But, also don't give up hope if you fall short, just keep plugging away and keep applying everywhere you can.

    Good luck to everyone.
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    Hey are you in the RN transition program or straight RN? I will be transfering to Ivy Tech Indy This summer for the LPN to ASN program. How is your program going so far? What will you be studying next semester?
    Hope to talk to you soon.
    David, LPN
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    I'm not sure where you are getting your information, but I know for certain that students do get into the RN program with B's. If you have one B, it's no the end of the world. They look at the numbers and there is a cutoff for the total number. You do not have to have all A's. Each semester is different. There are students who get into the LPN program with one C.
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    There are a lot of different campuses and circumstances involved in each schools decision. I got into the LPN program with a C in ANP101 and a C in ANP 102 so I know it can be done! I am trying to get into the LPN to ASN program now and I have Math 118 A, ANP 101 C, ANP 102 C (taken during the "summer from hell' not advised), PSY 101 B, SOC 111 A, BIO 211 Micro B, COM 102 C, COM 101 C. I am taking Chemistry this next semester along with history for my BSN. I am going into the transition program LPN to ASN. I don't think that I will have a problem since I have been through this before! You don't have to be a straight A student to get into a program but it helps to shoot for an A and hope you get a B atleast. Take care of yourselfs first I had some health issues with my blood pressure and missed 4 classes that dropped my letter grade to a C in a few classes bc I did not get the attendance points. Sucks but oh well, move on! Hey, just do your best!
    Good luck to you all!
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    At Bloomington campus the starting semester you apply for makes a big difference. They take a lot more RN's during the Fall semester start.

    I started in the Spring and they only accepted 10 people for the RN program. We all had 4.0's and the lowest TEAS in our small group was an 89.

    I don't know much about the other Ivy Tech locations. I think Bloomington must be one of the smaller ones because they usually only have about 40 total (PN & RN) per semester and 20 PN's for the transition program in the summer.

    It would appear that the letter grades in the 4 pre-reqs hold more weight than the TEAS score.
    For example, say you have a fantastic TEAS score of 95 (pretty darn good) but you get 3 A's and 1 B on pre-reqs. That adds up to 205.
    Someone with an average score on the TEAS might get an 86 but have all A's on their pre-reqs for a total of 206.
    Even though your TEAS score was phenomenal, that 1 B could cost you your spot to someone with an average TEAS.

    If I was trying to get in to NS now, I wouldn't waste a minute studying for the TEAS unless my initial TEAS showed a really weak area. I'd spend all my time on those 4 pre-reqs. As for the other pre-reqs, you only need a passing grade, so I'd spend the bare minimum on them that I could get by with.

    I'd also invest my time in taking Medical Terminology, even if it wasn't required. In my opinion, that's a class that's worth it's weight in gold.
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    I talked to the Ft. Wayne office today. They said the cut-off last class was 200 for ASN and 190 for LPN.
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    so David, did you get in to the program????
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    Has anyone out there applied for the transition program to begin in May of 09???