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IUPUI second degree BSN?

  1. 0 A few questions if you don't mind! I have a feeling nobody will know, but thought I'd give it a shot! I cannot get a hold of anyone in the nursing dept. at IUPUI so feel kind of clueless right now.

    Is anyone in this program or have gone through it already?
    How many students are accepted each semester?
    Do you know the admissions statistics as far as gpa, how many applicants, etc.?
    Do they factor in your entire academic record or just certain classes like Ivy Tech?

    Thanks for any help.
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    Sorry... just following up to my own message since I don't know how to edit... I am correct in my info that IUPUI doesn't look favorably at Ivy Tech pre-reqs correct? I know it's competitive enough to begin with so I wouldn't want to do anything else to jeopardize!
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    I had a good friend who went through that program. She had a 3.98 GPA and said she almost didn't get in! I think you pretty much have to have a 4.0 to make it. Also she said there were only 30 spots per year. That was in 2005, so it may have changed since then. Good luck!
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    There are now 3 classes per year for the accelerated program. I would think that with more than one class per year it would make it a little less competitive. Below is a link to the website which should answer a lot your questions.