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    Hi everyone! Just wondering if anyone visits this forum? I'm a pre-nursing student, live near Lafayette, IN. I attend Ivy Tech State College. I'm married with 2 little boys, ages 3 and 1, and two dogs, a mini-schnauzer and a golden retriever pup. I'm taking 4 classes right now, waiting for the acceptance letter to come after March 1st. I'm seriously stressed out. I want to make it so bad I can taste it. I don't think I'll be able to handle rejection!! Ok, hope to hear from SOMEONE here!
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    Hi Jenny!

    I stopped by here every few days and see if there is anything new. Usually, there isn't too much going on!

    Good Luck on the acceptance letter!! I remember the stress well even tho it's been 22 years!!
    Take care!
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    Don't stress out now. Save it for the nursing school. Good luck on your acceptance letter.
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    Hi Jenny!! You are up there near my hometown, Logansport!

    I am down in Indy, waiting on an acceptance letter for Ivy Tech in Columbus for the LPN program. Don't stress out just yet, we have a while to go yet

    Good Luck and feel free to chime in here anytime!