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  1. Hey I met a LPN today and she said LPNs start at $25 straight out of school and said the the LPNs she worked with made that much. I was under the impression that it was around 17 or 18 an hour. Just asking. I know this questions has been asked a dozen times but things change. Im really looking for nurses in Indianapolis to answer this question. Thanks!
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  3. by   xoemmylouox
    It all depends on where you work.
  4. by   Radnursewannabe
    Thank you.
  5. by   joannalpn
    New grad LTC Indy 19.00 hr
  6. by   libran1984
    $14.35/hr in acute care, + w/e shift differentials are offered.
  7. by   libran1984
    In fact, here:
    The following is from reliable sources where I have physically seen the paychecks of employees at these facilities:

    Community Health Network : $14.35/hr
    Corizon / Prison : $14.69 /hr or $18.50 PRN
    Kindred rehab hospitals / LTC : $19.5 / hr or $21.5/hr PRN
    American Senior Communities: $16.50
    Indianapolis Methadone Clinics (generalized) : $15.35 / hr
    The Stratford (an assisted Living in Carmel) : $19.50 / hr
    St. Vincent clinic Float Pool: $17.5 (+every hour after 8 hours is time and a half)
    Maxim Staffing: based upon assignment: $16.50 - $19.00 (they don't often go over $20)

    The following is heresay from friends etc.

    Some specialized clinics or private clinics have paid up to $23/hr
    The Jails (not to be confused with the Corizon Prisons) pay around $18.50 for full-time or $23 for PRN.

    Now tack on $10 more an hour to every last one of these pay rates and now you have an RN pay rate as well (give or take a dollor or two)

    Also, the above rates do not factor in shift differentials as that I do not have specifics on that information.
  8. by   littleCOOKIEgrabbers
    I am a new nurse and I was just offered a job at an American Senior Communities facility in Indianapolis for $18.50/hr plus a $2 (second shift) differential = $20.50/hr.